Verizon begins new, friendlier Droid Does campaign

Verizon begins new, friendlier Droid Does campaign

Verizon has gone back to using their famous “Droid Does” line to promote some of their Android smartphones, as evidenced in the Youtube video below.  Gone are the days of scaring consumers into buying a powerful hardware beast capable of doing just about anything.  At least that is our hope.  If this first clip is a sign of things to come, then we can expect to see a campaign that still promotes all the great things that Android phones do, but in a more subtle manner.

What do you think of the kinder, gentler Droid Does ad below?

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  1. banjoonmyknee
    April 30, 12:04 Reply

    I might nitpick on the battery life.  My Droid Incredible never did and I’m pretty sure that the non-MAXX edition of the RAZR doesn’t.    Otherwise, it’s a nice commercial.  Better than turning people into robots.

  2. davetheAndroid
    April 30, 17:46 Reply

    It’s a start. You don’t do a stupid flash mob, you don’t riot or any of that to wake up the isheep. Keep showing this type of ad OVER AND OVER AGAIN. Tell them all that Android does, the choices, and options one has with it. Show the Note with it’s size, the Nexus with its’ screen and the Maxx with it’s battery. Show them one using ICS. 
    THIS is why I love Android. Seems so obvious. 

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