March 30, 2015

comScore: Android now on more than half of all U.S. smartphones


Android now holds a major stake in the business that is U.S. smartphones.  According to figures from the latest comScore MobiLens report, the Android platform has been found on more than half (51 percent) of all smartphones in the United States.  The data, compiled from during the three month average period ending March 2012, was compiled from more than 30,000 U.S. mobile subscribers.   Up 3.7 percent from the previous quarter, it’s the biggest gaining platform in comScore’s report.

Apple follows in second place with 30.7 percent of the market, up 1.1 percent from the previous quarter.  Other than these two players, everyone else on the survey reported losing ground.  RIM, perhaps coincidentally, lost 3.7 percent share during the three-month period.  Is Android eating up all of RIM’s market or is the BlackBerry platform dying a slow death at the hands of everyone else?

Where do you see Android leveling off?  Will it be in the fifties and sixties?  Higher?  Will it plateau right around the 63 percent mark once it’s gobbled up the remaining RIM slice?


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  1. Andy

    I’m sure its a coincidence that Android and RIM both had 3.7% changes. In Dec 2011, ComScore reported 97.9M smartphones and 47.3% were Android (46.3M) 16% were RIM (15.7M). Today they say 106M smartphones and 51% Android (54.1M) 12.3% RIM (13.0M). So Android grew by 7.8M while RIM shrank by 2.6M (its not an equal match because overall there are far more smartphones out there today compared to three months ago).

    Look at this another way… in three months smartphones increased by 8.1M (106-97.9) and Android grew by 7.8M.  In other words, without Android there would be virtually no growth in smartphones.  Obviously a few people are switching from RIM to Android and a few people are buying an iPhone as their first smartphone, but its likely that most iPhone sales are to existing iPhone users upgrading and RIM/MS users switching and Android is dominating the market of people ditching their feature phones.

  2. Luis

    Well of course when you have thousands of devices & saturate the market its not hard to gain marketshare. I think the actual 2 big players to watch are Samsung & apple,


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