Samsung can’t learn from Sony’s mistakes, patents a dual-screen tablet

Samsung can’t learn from Sony’s mistakes, patents a dual-screen tablet

Remember the Sony Tablet P? Yea, neither do a lot of people. It was clunky, impractical, hard to use, and most of all, really served a purpose to nobody. Aside from a tiny niche market, the Sony Tablet P flopped like a salmon that got caught by a four-year-old and left on the docks.

The tablet patent concept shows 2 screens that are flatter and larger than the bulky Tablet P concept, making it much more laptop-ish than tablet-ish. There’s also a removable controller / pointer that slides into the hinge, making it even more awkward. The dual screens can work together as one (bad, thanks to the hinge in the middle) or separately (better, but still weird).

Samsung, we here at AndroidGuys are questioning this patent, and we’re questioning it hard. Granted, there’s no mention of what OS will be used here, but in this writers opinion, this is going to leave a sour taste in the mouths of consumers who purchase this, especially at the price it’s sure to come out at (read: expensive).

source: androidcommunity

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  1. Steven B
    May 03, 15:04 Reply

    I agree with this article that dual screen tablets have been a fail in the past.. I am curious to see what would make anyone think Samsung can make the dual screen tablet come alive.. I’m sure multiple people have thought and researched the viability of this project. I wonder why the go-ahead was given..

    As this is just a patent, maybe they won’t actually develop it.

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