Why can’t we see this commercial on television? [VIDEO]

Looking back to 2009 and 2010 we recall asking over and over for Google to run some ads on television hyping Android as a platform.  Although it would have been out of the norm for Google to advertise on TV, we remember calling for them to give consumers just 30 seconds of awesome.  In the early days of Android we felt this would have helped counter all the Apple ads in circulation.

Today, at 51 percent market share, Google doesn’t really need to show off the benefits of Android with a TV clip.  Still, that’s not say that the following video wouldn’t make for a compelling reason to buy a Galaxy Nexus or Android product.

What you’ll see here is a Youtube video that shows off how easy it is to sync contacts, photos, music, and more.  How do you do it?  Log in.

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  • Alcnaeon

    Eh, it’s kinda cheesy. Google can and has done more TV-worthy commercials than this.

  • Very interesting video….. By the way the idea is great to show Google ads on TV and i think Google will be thinking on a way….

  • Nippiagg

    yeah …android really sucks at ads…..here in india i see every other guys holding a s2….but none of them r aware of android os…even sammy projects s2 as a smartphone but not as an android smartphone

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  • Guest

    I think a better headline for this article would be:  “Why would Google spend millions of dollars on TV talking about how to sync your phone”.

    Syncing SHOULD be easy.  This is a “great, new” feature worth bragging about?