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Verizon Summer Catalog Leaks, Droid 2 On The Way

Verizon’s summer 2010 catalog has been leaked!  As you can see, posted above is a picture of the upcoming Droid 2 (can’t wait!). Also included are the Droid X, as

News and Rumors

As Expected, Droid Incredible Pre-Orders Start

For those of you interested in picking up the latest and greatest Android handset on Verizon’s network, the carrier’s pre-order site went live earlier today.  As promised, users can now

News and Rumors

Autodesk Announces SketchBook Pro for Honeycomb Tablets

Autodesk has announced a new version of their Sketchbook application, designed specifically for Honeycomb tablets.  Dubbed SketchBook Pro, the app gives users a digital canvas on which they can use


  1. tim bennett
    May 04, 19:54 Reply

    I installed it and my battery life plummeted and the phone became laggy.  I uninstalled after a few days.

  2. anglielicious
    May 04, 21:31 Reply

    way too many clicks to get to a drawing. I got annoyed with it. 

  3. turf
    May 05, 01:05 Reply

    Before the update a week or two ago, it was limited to 99 turns which was frustrating. And once you start getting a lot of rerun words, it starts getting old. And the fact that your drawings are lost unless you do a screen capture is kinda dumb as well as the other comment that it is also dumb that you have to go through so many clicks to play.

  4. Harisel
    May 05, 09:20 Reply

    I got bored of:
    Playing with kids that just write the exact words
    Repeating words
    Long time to load and finish a game
    Not so precise to draw

  5. Carescent
    May 05, 12:50 Reply

    I stopped playing a while ago. I got bored with it. I have tons of other games that are more exciting than Draw Something.

  6. imb
    May 07, 11:03 Reply

    rerunning words is probably a major factor of the boredom…. they should not let users “purchase” new words, it should be fresh everyday.

  7. Jb
    May 15, 19:31 Reply

    I can’t even sign in because the login page is not in English. How do I get it in English. My iPad Language is set for English. I don’t get it !

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