The Popular HD Widgets now has Editor’s Choice status,Look inside for a Sneak Preview of v3.0

The Popular HD Widgets now has Editor’s Choice status,Look inside for a Sneak Preview of v3.0

It’s a big deal for a company to achieve Editor’s Choice status in the Google Play Store and is super excited about it. They gave us a sneak peak of the latest cool stuff they are doing to HD Widgets and what they plan to include in the v3.0 update planned for the first week of June. With over 100k downloads, a lot of people are going to be able to take advantage of the latest and greatest “HD Widgets.”

Look below to see more about the new v3.0

 When will HD Widgets 3.0 come out? We’re planning on Thursday, June 7th.

What’s new?

  • massively vivid easier-to-use app UI
  • built for new theme packs & add-ons
  • ICS widgets pack
  • high res weather icon pack
  • customizable switches
  • ICS native (built on sdk 15)
  • universal apk (ready for modded tablets)
  • more weather services
  • even more colors & clocks
  • multi-location weather activity
  • device specific User Guide
  • show/hide widgets in the main menu

That’s a big list and there’s a bit more that we’re hoping to have but won’t say in case they’re delayed.

We’ll release some features videos during the launch period. We picked up a camera last weekend and made a quick production teaser showing off some of the new UI and functionality:

Head over to the Google Play Store to grab HD Widgets & wait for the slick new update to v3.0!

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