Sprint Guardian brings Mobile Security and Safety Applications to Sprint


Sprint is one of the major networks in USA and every network wants to provide their customers the best support and offers, and Sprint is off to a really great start. With a line of good smartphones, Sprint is now bringing a new smartphone bundle for their customers. It’s known as Sprint Guardian, and the tool brings security and safety to the users. It’s a useful tool for parents who want to keep their teenage kid’s devices in-control to see what they are doing, anti-malware tools, and remote tracking of lost or stolen handsets.

The application is actually divided into two parts, safety and lookout, and both are available in premium versions or sign-up  for only one. One of the great features is that the application will allow Sprint customers to protect up to five lines with a lot of services, like tracking lost phones and locking phones when driving etc. Check out the video below for all the details:

Sprint will launch this service in Summer 2012, where it will cost $14.98 per month if you want the whole package, or you can go for $9.99 per month for Safely, $4.99 per month for Lookout Family, or $49.99 per year for Lookout Family. I am really impressed by this amazing application and I hope to see such offerings from other major mobile networks as well. People, don’t forget to share your thoughts about the app in the comment box below.

Source: FT


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