Stick It! Sorry Samsung, your Pop-up Play is not ground breaking we are already doing it

Wah Wah Wah… Samsung your already un-impressive performance at the “Next Galaxy” event earlier this month has been proved even less impressive. 

If you are unsure of what i’m referring to, last week Samsung introduced their latest super phone the Galaxy SIII and showcased many of it’s “ground breaking” new features. Well these new features, in my opinion, were less than ground breaking software addons. One of these was the “pop-up play” which allowed the user to take  a youtube video and break it apart into smaller, movable window for better multi-tasking. Kind of like the screenshots below.


Protip for Samsung: Look both ways before you cross the street.

Well what happens when an already available app gets showcased at a major press event? Sales go up 600%!!!

More details below, but if you’re already wanting to shove it in Samsung’s face head over to the Google Play Store and grab Stick It! for $1.49

You might be surprised to know, however, that an almost identical app is already on sale on the Google Play store, and it works on any recent Android phone. It’s called Stick It!, and the developer behind it has seen a staggering sevenfold sales boost since the announcement last week.

It may not be baked into the OS, but for £1.19, Stick It! does a remarkable job of emulating Pop-up Play: when you start playing a clip, you can immediately turn it into a floating window you can place anywhere on your screen, so you can carry on watching while you browse the web or chat.

It works on any Android 2.2 or up phone, supports a variety of video formats as well as YouTube clips, and best of all, it doesn’t need a quad-core to run: we’ve found it runs just fine on single-core Android phones. Really though, it comes into its own on a tablet-sized screen.

The app was developed by Cerrato Renaud, a French RFID (Radio-frequency identification) engineer from Aix en Provence near Marseilles. He’s dabbled in Android developing over the last year, releasing several apps on the Google Play store, including Video Catcher – an app for ripping internet videos – and Got Ya! Face Trap!, which silently takes pictures with your phone’s front camera in case of theft.

Source: ElectricPig

  • BigEd

    you mad bro?

  • Guest

    Yeah, but unfortunately it didnt work with a single one of my video files. Refunded..

  • rekem

    I’m getting tired of people whining about Samsung. So they chose to focus on features/experience instead of hardware. So what? The general public will eat this stuff up. They’re the same buyers that thought Siri was revolutionary even though voice controls already existed for years on smartphones, and the same tech already existed as an app on iphones before Apple bought it. I’ve never even owned a Samsung handset, but I still get what they’re trying to do. Watch them rake in the dough. If you don’t like it, there’s always the Nexus, which they also manufacture.

  • guillolb

    So what?
    Samsung saw how Apple’s successful business strategy works on most of the geekless community by saying they just invented the wheel and nobody else has it yet. (and i have seen these users brag about the revolutionary notification drawer)

    Not all Samsung’s customers are geeks. There is a whole bunch of non-fat-latte-suit-up-yuppies that are willing to spend their pocket change to get the latest and greatest as stated by the ad they saw on their 97″ 3DTV…. no questions asked.

    “If god gives you lemons, make lemonade”

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  • i’d rather have this functionality baked in to the OS. From the video, this app looks like laggy shit. 

    Sorry, try again  Drew Dauffenbach you little hater. 

  • Ric Brook

    Shame the app is crap, not possible to resize for tablets and poor codec support as all videos I played blocked badly!! Couldn’t see an option to stream video from a website either.

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