Android 4.0 starts rolling out for German Galaxy Notes

Owners of a German Galaxy Note, rejoice! Samsung has quietly started the roll-out of Android 4.0, dubbed version number LPY, to German branded Galaxy Notes. Although you don’t necessarily have to own a German Note, your model number should be N7000 in order to install the update.

We decided to immediately give it a spin but there was just one minor problem: None of our Notes are German. And that’s where CheckFus comes in handy: This program allows you to download official firmwares for basically all Samsung devices — including Bada. The downloaded files then need to be decrypted using the same program and flashed through Odin.

So, that’s what we did and after a few minutes of booting, we were greeted by the familiar Touchwiz launcher. Yes, Touchwiz is still included, omnipresent and the update is almost identical to the Galaxy S II. Speed improved a little, and according to graphics have also improved. The most apparent changes are in the S Pen software though. In addition to the S Memo app, there is now S Note, a more extended and improved version of S Memo. For those who are not quite ready to let go of S Memo, it is still included. The browser has received a minor speedbump but hey, you’ll probably be using Chrome anyway.

A long wished feature was hovering with the S Pen to reveal pull down menus in, say, websites. Yes, that’s also included.

Should you install the update? Definately, there is no harm in slapping a little Touchwiz-flavored ICS on your Note. For you purists, there is an unofficial and experimental version of CM9 as well.