Smule brings popular Songify app to Android

Smule brings popular Songify app to Android

Sorry iPhone users, we just picked up yet another one of your popular apps!  Today sees Smule bringing their insanely addictive Songify to Android, dropping it in the Google Play store at the ever-attractive FREE price point.  If you’re not familiar with Songify, it can be summed up quite easily: It turns your voice and speech into songs.  Ever see the AutoTune The News guys on Youtube?  This is the official app that they use.  All you do is start talking into your handset and then it magically creates songs out of your recordings.

There are a couple of free backing tracks available when you launch the app, however there are a bunch that can be purchased within the app.  You can either earn coins through use of the app or buy them outright.  For $2.99 you can pick up 200 coins and remove the in-app advertising at the same time.  That rate should be good enough to score 3-4 songs, depending on which you opt for. Depending on how much you want or need, you can spend anywhere up to $99 for 790 coins!

About Songify:

  • Turns speech into music, using sophisticated artificial intelligence

  • Developed with the Gregory Brothers, YouTube celebrities of Bed Intruder fame

  • Downloaded 9 million times, with 120 million songs created on iOS

  • Offers special Android-only features, such as the ability to create ringtones and share your songs via SMS or Google+

  • Songify will be Smule’s first app on Android

  • Part of the Smule family, with 45 million installs and 500 million songs created

Check out Songify in action:


Grab Songify from Google Play store for free today!




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