Completely redesigned Evernote 4.0 introduced

Evernote pushed out a brand new, “completely redesigned” version of their Android application yesterday, and boy does it look sharp.  Built with Android 4.0 in mind, Evernote 4.0 makes it much easier and more intuitive for users to take notes and navigate the app. You’ll find that you can horizontally swipe your screen to move around, tap the elephant logo to return home, and other little things that matter.  According to the Evernote blog, the stuff we see on the surface is only part of the story and that this version is faster and more powerful than ever. It’s worth noting that although this looks like it needs Android 4.0, it only requires 1.6 and above.

Evernote 4.0 Home Screen
Improved note and notebook list

Features in Evernote 4.0:

  • A redesigned Home Screen, with improved note and notebook lists across the app
  • Responsive Action and Navigation Bars, which relate to the screen you’re viewing and disappear for easy reading or note viewing
  • Swipe navigation horizontally to scan through Notebooks, Tags and Places easily
  • Location tagging for all your notes, if your phone is “Location Services” enabled

Download Evernote 4.0 (FREE) from the Google Play store today.