Verizon says “No” to HTC One Series

In past few years, Verizon brought a lot of devices to horizon and all of them were no doubt impressive devices. Like if we talk about Droid Incredible series, which is a very successful series, and they recently launched the successor which is known as Droid Incredible 4G LTE. But Verizon customers are holding their horses, because they are expecting that Verizon will be launching the HTC One X and One S as well, but it seems that this is not going to happen any time soon, or may be never. 

Verizon’s representative told PCMag that Verizon currently has no “HTC One series” phones in the pipeline, which means Incredible 4G LTE is the latest HTC device you can get from Verizon right now, but I would love to see either One X or One S over at Verizon, which is the largest mobile network in USA.

However, that doesn’t mean Verizon is saying “farewell” to future HTC Android phones. What I think is that Verizon want to give some time to the recently launched 4G LTE smartphone, because the One series will effect the sales and probably will hurt Verizon market. I also believe that instead of carrying HTC One X or S. Verizon might be considering picking Samsung Galaxy S III, because they sold a lot of Galaxy S II devices last year. You never know, they might give it a chance again.

Folks, all we can do is to wait and see, but for meantime don’t forget to have a look on the Droid Incredible 4G LTE. It is almost like the One S, so folks don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comment box below.

Source: PCMAG

  • The bottom line is Verizon thinks its customers are too stupid to understand what an Android-based smartphone is unless it’s got “Droid” in the name.

    • NadaLemming

       Actually our local store literally tries to cram in iPhone into every orifice as you walk in the door.  Two in my family have upgraded recently, and I thought we were going to have to fight to get the Android handsets we wanted!

  • Guest

    How many 4G devices does Verizon have that contain screens BIGGER than the standard/common 4.3″?

    One?  Zero?

  • DaEXfactoR

    Verizon didn’t offer a Galaxy SII device last year, did they?

    • Drawz

      I was thinking the same thing. I’m pretty sure I have never seen a Galaxy SII or variant for that matter at Verizon

  • Cruiserdude

    Yes, because Verizon sold so many Galaxy S2’s last year…

    If they had sold even a single one I wouldn’t have been stuck with a Charge and had to trade it for a Droid Razr.  Here’s to hoping they do carry a relatively unmolested S3.

  • Pmachuca16

    Why verizon? I want this Htc one series!!!

  • Havoc70

    Verizon has no clue what they are doing, other than trying their hardest to screw every customer for as much money as they can.  $30 upgrade fee, no more unlimited and of course the shittiest phones around.

    Good work VZ you suck

    • NadaLemming

      Yeah.. everything old is new again. My first smart phone?  Sprint 1990.  Had to buy the concrete block for $600+ dollars, pay a $50 activation fee, and got 30 minutes a month for $30.  That was a good deal back then.  Upgrade fee? Yeah they still charged it.  It was about $50 then…  All in all, we aren’t quite as bad off now as then!  None of the phones were subsidized.  If you wanted a new phone, you paid full price plus an upgrade fee.

  • banjoonmyknee

    I keep thinking that the fact that Verizon steered away from the One brand of phones and the fact that they are now being held up in Customs in the US is not a coincidence.  I think Verizon saw the patent holdup coming and had HTC build a “clean” Incredible until all of this business can be sorted out.   They are letting AT&T and Sprint sweat this out.

  • Eugene Shen

    I think Verizon knows what the majority of its customer base really wants.  My first generation HTC Incredible is still quite smooth and fast enough for all the things I use it for (email, texts, calls, GPS/maps, music, web browsing, Plants vs Zombies).  What are the upgrades I really want?  Battery life and 4G.  What do I NOT want?  Any screen over 4.2″ because I like being able to type comfortably with one hand.  As far as I can tell, the Incredible 4G is exactly what I want. 

    Maybe I don’t represent the average smartphone user.  Maybe a significantly wider, taller, and thinner phone with a SLCD2 screen is something other people want.  I certainly think Verizon would benefit from giving its customers more choices.  My point is that for SOME people, the Incredible 4G is actual a better phone for them than the One X, One S, or Galaxy S3. 

    So, sure, I agree that Verizon should offer the One X/S and Galaxy S3 in its lineup.  But there is definitely a market for the Inc 4G as well, and I am in that market.

    • NadaLemming

       Eh, you are living in the same camp as me.  I know I don’t represent the average smart phone user. The Dinc 4G is also supposed to ship with an unlocked bootloader  🙂

  • NadaLemming

    I’m holding out for the Dinc 4G.  I still own/use a OG Dinc which runs as smooth as the day I got it. BUT… I want a little more screen real estate but not too much.  The 4 inch screen is perfect for me.  I also want a user replaceable battery and a SD card slot. Just my personal preference in a phone.

  • jlsoaz

    I am still waiting for the Verizon Incredible 4G LTE.  I spoke to them this morning and no, I can’t get it yet.  I would like it because I was told it will be “tri-mode” (GSM, CDMA, 4G-LTE), but as of this morning I am also questioning that.

    • NadaLemming

       If they don’t release it soon, we’ll be on the “5G” network and it will be a “no-mode” phone!  Grrrrr… frustration!

  • apollo

     I was holding out for the dinc 4g as well.  I checked out the maxx today and may have to go for that.  Who knows when these phones are actually going to launch.  The maxx will still be a higher end device than a brand new dinc 4g.

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  • Ungrateful Dead

    Why Verizon, why. Ive been waiting for this phone for months. Im very dissapoint. 

  • samsung never released a GSII device they only have the galaxy nexus and that phone is even a joke wtf verizon we want the HTC ONE X get eith the program.

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