Verizon to end “grandfathered” unlimited data plans this summer

Verizon to end “grandfathered” unlimited data plans this summer

Oh boy, this could get ugly really fast.  Verizon will be killing off its unlimited data option for all customers this summer, even those on “grandfathered” plans.  Speaking at tech conference, Verizon’s Fran Shammo advised that 3G unlimited data plan customers migrating to 4G LTE will be required to purchase the yet-to-launch data-share plan.  Kiss the $30 all-you-can-consume data plans goodbye because Shammo says, “Everyone will be on data share.”  It’s not clear when all of this will take place however Verizon plans to debut their shared data plans this summer.

All might not be lost…yet

Reading the details on Fierce Mobile, we get the sense that you might be able to hold on to your 3G smartphone for a while longer and keep the plan.  It sounds like as long as you stay on 3G then you won’t be handcuffed by the change.  Perhaps some clarity from Verizon is in order.

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