The future of Android tablet home screens looks like this…

The future of Android tablet home screens looks like this…

As a blogger in the mobile tech space we receive plenty of requests from companies looking for help on the Kickstarter programs.  Sometimes it a smartphone stand, other times it’s a tablet holder.  Once in a while it’s software.  While we try to help spread the word as much as possible, sometimes it’s tough to get behind products or services.  That is hardly the case with this new Android-related app/home screen.  It’s called Chameleon and it’s the future of home screens on Android tablets.

Set to arrive later this fall (September), Chameleon is a time-aware and location-aware way of presenting you with your most important and often-used apps. If you’re like me then you wake up and head right into RSS readers, emails, the calendar, and weather.  At night, I find myself reading a different set of news sites, checking IMDb, catching up on books and magazines, and maybe getting in a game or two.  Chameleon can be set up so that it gives me an entirely different home screen based on time of day or where I am (GPS) on the map.  No, this isn’t just a panel with widgets or a customizable launch bar.  This is much more than that.  It’s a totally sexy and smart way of presenting your most relevant information and applications.

You can pledge as little as $1 to help the developers (Teknision) reach their goal of $50,000 but $5 will ensure you get a copy of Chameleon ahead of time.  You can also buy it once it arrives in the Google Play store and load it on your tablet.  If you don’t have a tablet just yet then we say cough up a buck and sleep better tonight.  If you do own a tablet that meets the requirements then you’re going to want to contribute at a higher level.

This is exactly the kind of stuff that Android needs for its tablet interface.  Not only can it run atop of anything else that your manufacturer loads ahead of time, it’s the prettiest looking stuff we’ve seen thus far.  Our only hope here is that Teknision isn’t bought out only to arrive as a specific experience for one particular tablet maker. This needs to be everywhere.

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  1. taysider
    May 17, 17:40 Reply

    I’ll be sending $5 looks very impressive

  2. Havoc70
    May 17, 18:23 Reply

    Looks Sweet i just sent over my $10

  3. Very impressive stuff….Revealed great
    information on android tablet. It seems that new Kickstarter project will
    certainly bring difference in android tablets.

  4. Wolf0491
    May 17, 23:48 Reply

    I hope all tech blogs post something similar to this post. I really want this to get funded. I sent ten bucks. Helping as much as possible.

  5. lemonbase
    May 18, 21:54 Reply

    Looks great. I hope manufacturers like Samsung like take a look at this and reform themselves.

  6. RayanMX
    May 19, 21:03 Reply

    Great! Viewsonic’s Tap-N-Tap interface done right! :-/

  7. jagerx9
    May 19, 21:17 Reply

    Exactly what I’m looking for. Hope they sign it for playbook as well.

  8. nothingness
    May 19, 21:36 Reply

    Googles gonna buy it. LIke they did with that fat keyboard.

  9. Bradscomputers1
    May 20, 00:19 Reply

    firefox shit thay  never  up date there server just as bad as internet explorer yet internet explorer is microsoft yet thay steal ur information and use it else where microsoft watch ever thing you do on computer and laptop 

  10. Amol Kolhe
    May 20, 10:30 Reply

    Android has to first learn to manage battery, before it can create a home screen so fancy. Otherwise, it will drain the battery in an hour or 2 (something I’ve noticed on the current android devices: phones as well as tablets)

    • Jjoeshaw
      May 20, 17:31 Reply

      Are you serious? This is probably just as intensive as a ics home screen with lots of widgets and you’d get 8-12 hours with that. Where you got 2 hours from on tablets I do not know

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