Samsung has already taken 9 million preorders for Galaxy S III

If you had any doubts that Samsung’s next Galaxy smartphone was not all that anticipated then perhaps this bit of news might convince you otherwise.  According to Reuters, Samsung has already taken 9 million preorders for the handset, spread across more than 100 wireless carriers.

Samsung typically shoots out press releases touting numbers of sales figures for the Galaxy line of devices and expect nothing less for the Galaxy S III.  We cannot wait for our U.S. versions and figure the sales will be off the chart once it arrives stateside.

Although Samsung has not confirmed these figures we figure we’ll get something more official come launch time.

  • i call bullshit on Samsung.That number is just tooooo high especialy how people were saying it looks ugly. The note is better 

    • Ed

       you are an idiot. the note is a tablet.

      • Guest

         The note is definitely NOT a “tablet”.

      • note is a phone

    • Guest

       Looks ugly?  You decide which cell phone you need based on “looks”????
      (Besides, it looks fine to me.)

  • I beleive that the sgs3 will be huge, already pre-ordered mine:)

  • fuqin665