Sprint sunsets 5GB Mobile Hotspot plan, debuts new options

Sprint sunsets 5GB Mobile Hotspot plan, debuts new options

Sprint recently took to their forum to announce that they’ve stopped offering the 5GB/$29.99 Mobile Hotspot plan.  Effectively last Friday (May 18) the carrier began offering two new options in its place.   On one end you have 2GB for $19.99/month and 6GB/$49.99 on the other end.  Those of you who already have the 5GB optioncan continue on as normal as Sprint will grandfather its customers rate plan.

A word of caution from Sprint is that you’ll want to shut off the Mobile Hotspot when not in use.  Any data (phone calls, texts, etc.) used while the Mobile Hotspot is active will count against your alloted data bucket.  And for those of you who only need to use this feature once every few months or so, Sprint will allow users to add/remove Mobile Hotspot on an as-needed basis, leaving your contract alone.

Sprint via Cult of Android

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  1. jbarajasp
    May 22, 13:45 Reply

    I’m happy to see sprint offer a cheaper hotspot plan :)

  2. Doug Fiedor
    May 22, 18:22 Reply

    Ever notice how they make you sign a contract — that they agree to — and then change it unilaterally — but no one says anything about it? 

    This was not the deal I made with Sprint when I signed on.  Therefore, I should also feel free to break my end of the contract. 

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