March 30, 2015

Five Nexus devices to celebrate five years of Android?


A hot new rumor just hit the internet which suggests we’ll be celebrating Android’s fifth birthday in a major way this November.  According to a trusted TalkAndroid source, we’ll be getting five Pure Android/Nexus devices come November 5th.  It’s not clear whether this means an announcement or actual release however we wouldn’t care either way.  We’re all for multiple hardware makers getting involved with the Nexus project and this new rumor does little to temper our enthusiasm.

While we must maintain that this is nowhere near confirmed we can’t help but wonder which five we might see.  We’d love to hear from you guys on this one.  If you could pick the top five Android companies for a Nexus device, what would they be?  Sound off in the comments below.

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  1. Wolf0491

    Asus, Sony, HTC, Samsung, Motorola and LG most likely.
    I want Sony and Asus

  2. iampoch

    I’m more interested to know what types of phones these would be. I’m guessing the following: a phablet, a media-centric phone, a 4.3-incher high end, an entry level Nexus, one with a slide-in keyboard, and a mid-ranger.

    But all of that would be for nothing if they won’t allow me to use a microSD.

  3. Dedcert

    My five would have to be –HTC : SAMSUNG : LG : LENOVO and (now that they are owned by the”BIG G”, MOTOROLA. OK guys, now I’m waiting to be ripped apart,but be warned,I WILL NOT ACCEPT APPLE as a contender.!


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