April 1, 2015

600,000 Google Nexus tablets to ship in June, report indicates


New details stemming from DigiTimes indicate that the much-ballyhooed Google Nexus tablet will ship in June with an initial volume of 600,000 units per month.  Expected to be co-designed and developed by ASUS, the tablet may take the stage at Google IO on June 27th.

Reports suggest that Google is anticipating somewhere between 2 million and 2.5 million of the Wi-Fi units in 2012.  Rumors had originally tapped the tablet with a May launch however Google pushed things back a bit because the design didn’t meet expectations and/or the price would be too high.  It’s anticipated that the presumed Nexus tablet would have a quad-core  Tegra 3 processor and that it could cost as low as $199 when it retails.


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  1. Brent Stewart

    Sounds cool but I just don’t see them moving that many tablets on price point alone. Shipping with vanilla ICS or JB (if we’re that lucky) is not gonna help sell cheap Android tablets to the masses. To us yeah. But NOT to the masses. The need to skin it with a Google experience that makes the Google ecosystem front and center like iPad and Kindle Fire do. Price AND Ecosystem is the only way they’ll appeal to the masses. But I dunno, after the new Google+ App design fiasco I’m not sure I’d trust Google designers to do even that.

    • liam

      What g+ design fiasco? The redesign looks amazing on my nexus s. It is now offers a much richer experience.

    • symbolset

      Asus did well by me with the original Transformer. If they put a device as described here to market this summer I’m in for four before Christmas. Maybe more. If they don’t, the Acer Kai is close enough for me.


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