April 2, 2015

FCC docs out Huawei T-Mobile myTouch Q


Documents found on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) web site indicate that Huawei will soon have a second MyTouch Android handset soon for T-Mobile.  The FCC docs refer to a Huawei U8730 model known as the Ascend G 312 Qwerty which has, naturally, a QWERTY keyboard.  The device label suggests the name of T-Mobile myTouch Q, which sounds like a final product name that the carrier would come up.  We’ll share more details with this handset as we gather them.

We’ve certainly warmed to the possibility of picking a Huawei for our next Android, have you?

FCC via: Phone Scoop

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  1. Derail Doax

    Wow they need to stop recycling these names. If it wasn’t bad enough that they named the LG non-keyboard phone a T-Mobile myTouch after they already had an HTC made T-Mobile myTouch 3G and myTouch 4G. Now they have Huawei manufactured myTouch Q after they already had an LG made T-Mobile myTouch Q… They need to start using different letters or names after myTouch to make these phones more distinct…


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