How loyal are you to your Android handset maker? #androidfeedback

As most of you know, there have been rumors swirling that there could be as many as five companies working on Nexus smartphones for later in the year.  Given that the last two have belonged to Samsung, we’ve been wondering who might be involved this time around.

Of course there are the bigger players like HTC, Motorola, Sony, and LG who could step in with a Pure Nexus device.  On the other hand, we’ve seen increasing noise out of other outfits such as Huawei, Pantech, ZTE, and ASUS.  The landscape is constantly shifting and evolving and today’s second-tier players could soon wedge their way into the upper echelon.  With so much choice in the Android space, chances are good that you might be considering multiple brands for your next smartphone.

With all of this in mind, we’re curious to see how loyal you are to the company that made the phone in your pocket or purse.  Are you going to buy another one from said handset maker or have you had enough?  Would you consider another brand for your next Android?

We recently took to Facebook with this very question to see what you guys and gals were thinking.  Here’s what some of you had to say…

Oh yes. I was a motorola fan then went to LG because of antenna issues. I always sounded like I was in a tin can with Motorola. But I’m looking at the new Samsung Galaxy SIII which I will get to try out in France this summer just to see if it’s something I want to buy when I get back to the states. I know there will be differences because of country, but I’m excited to see what it looks like. – Louis C.

Hell yeah,I hate this htc wildfire that I got for bday in Sept !!! – Julie N.

Yeah. I like my EVO 4G, but I would also like a Samsung Note because of the larger screen. – Doug F.

I could definitely be swayed. I have a Motorola R2D2 droid and I’m on my 4th replacement. I’m thinking of getting a Samsung next. I love my Samsung tablet. – Angie B.

Using my Atrix for about a year, and yet not going to change it. – Roman B.

I’ll use anything Android based. My loyalty is with Android. – Jorge G.

I hate my droid x2, will never buy another motorola product. – Sue S.

My loyalty is first with Android, second to Samsung, I have yet to have a serious issue with any samsung device, little things are found in every make and model, and I find samsungs tend to have the least troubles compared to other brands, but thats my personal opinion. – Jimmy B.

Depends really, I’ve been loyal to HTC since day one. Hoping by November to see one released for Sprint from HTC. – Irvin Z.

What say you?

Would you consider another handset maker for your next phone or are you married to that brand?  Tell us your Android story.

  • My Loyalty is with Android too

  • Brett Koster

    I absolutely love my Verizon Galaxy Nexus, this says more about my loyalty to vanilla Android than Samsung. I applaud Samsung for their beautiful display and solid plastic build quality, but I can easily be swayed to a Vanilla HTC device if it was released.

    • Meringo

      I am on my 2nd SGN for Verizon… Samsung treats their customers like garbage, I had to file a Better Business Bureau to get them to fix my phone after they failed to make the repair and sent it back to me anyway marking it as “repaired”  The whole thing took about a month.

      Faulty hardware seems to be the norm for SGN owners… you got lucky.

  • Andy_in_Indy

    I am not loyal to any manufacturer – I have had LG, HTC, and Motorola android phones.  I went with the the Droid Bionic because it had the most of what I wanted without a custom ROM (and I expected it to be unlocked) and I will do the same when I purchase my next phone (I do hope it coincides with a good Nexus device).  If the Samsung Galaxy III came with the European specs and Verizon LTE, I would give it a try!

    I will probably stay with Verizon – best balance between sound quality, data speed and coverage for my area – but my loyalty to Android only extends until something better comes along.  If there is something I can’t do with Android that I could and want to do on another, I would consider switching.  

  • I’m a big fan of HTC, but not so much of a fan that I can’t be a fan of someone else. I’m looking at you, Samsung. 

  • Mil

    There is absolutely no benefit with being loyal to a manufacturer. Consumers should go with the most suited handset for them. If that happens to be the same manufacturer each time then that is not loyalty. By choosing the best handset, it actually encourages manufacturers to try to produce the best handset they can.

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  • HTC first was the Mogul, then the Hero, now the original EVO 4g and next in line is the EVO 4G LTE!!! #androidfeedback

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  • I can’t wait to never buy another HTC phone – I’m on my 4th physical phone and 3rd model, and every one of them has been plagued by awful build quality.

  • KC

    I like my brands based on the latest and most up todate hardware specs, quality, solidness, reliability, looks and how consistent and frequent their OTA Updates are. Thus far, I find HTC and Asus the most reliable, with no cheap plasticky feel, and they’re solid. Asus is tops with OTA Updates,

    So now NFC, quadcore, fantastic battery, 2GB RAM, expansion slot for microSD, looks & feel, min. 4.7″ display, latest Android OS, etc. dictates my next brand. Preferences still Asus, HTC, Motorola, LG.

  • Thx84

    I liked the Jorge G. comment, I’m loyal to Android. I had a Samsung device, then a Sony (then Ericsson). I’ll get whatever device that has microsd card (or at least 32Gb), root, an unlocked bootloader, ROM developers support and within my price range ($300-400). The rest is not an issue for me. I don’t think manufacturers are loyal to customers, so I don’t see which I should

  • Richard

    So far loyal to Samsung on the Android phone front but if I can get a nice spec Nexus device I will go that way due to updates. This will be especially the case if the new Nexus devices coming with Jellybean

  • kenji_o

    I never really thought about it but I’m really loyal to HTC. I like their phones and I also like what their brand is about – and yes, it does matter. 🙂

  • My experience with the Cliq was so bad that I won’t buy a motorolla phone. Samsung and HTC were pretty decent. I’m more likely to buy samsung or htc, but I certainly won’t buy motorolla.

  • Gaytan

    Well, I bought a Nokia N82 about 5 to 5 years ago, which then already had all the functions (except for Siri) compared to the iPhone(s) today! I loved the device but…. never ever any updates!

    I then recently bought my Asus TF101 hoping to have a good (tablet) device. Asus DOES issue updates but does not manage to to solve the (software) ICS issues. So updates are available but not any good…

    My Samsung Galaxy Note is an amazing device! But … never ever any updates! ICS is promised right this moment but have not seen any updates whatsoever…

    I think I would be loyal to a brand which DOES issue updates on a frequent basis and then update(s) which solve matters…..

    Also Android itself, for me, is still way too buggy compared to the time Android is on the market right now; if they would commit themselves to the Android OS I’m convinced Android could function way better then it does today!!

    For me loyalty to a brand all comes down to updates yes or no…. Valuable update(s) I mean…

  • iampoch

    I agree with Jorge G. My loyalty lies with Android as well. I started out with HTC starting with the Wildfire, then Desire, then Desire S. I was turned off by the deplorable battery life. Right now, I’ve shifted to the Galaxy Note and I love it a lot. It’s kind of ironic for me because Samsung is one of those companies that I hated with a passion.

  • guest

    > Would you consider another brand for your next Android?

    No… I would always continue to buy the same brand… even if they started making awful products.

    What? Is androidguys *REALLY* asking such absurd questions these days?

    I always buy what is best FOR ME (since it’s my phone and my money)…. on whatever day I make my purchase. (Why would you buy an awful phone TODAY…because you liked that company’s products 5 years ago… but not any more???)

  • guest

    Do you know what happens when you are “loyal” to a single manufacturer? You *ENCOURAGE* that company to make junk. Since they know you will buy it… regardless of how bad it is.

    Buy only the good stuff… and all companies will make better and better products. (If they want to say in business.) See Blackberry for the perfect example.

  • guest

    The headline should have read “How many devices have you purchased… year after year… from the same company… and have always been happy with your purchase”.

    That’s not “loyalty”…. that’s called “I buy what works for me”. (Regardless of the brand.)

  • BadN10Tion

    I had i very first android thanks to tmobile htc g1 and to this day i have htc and its the amaze 4g now dont get me wrong i had the galaxy bt i went right back where it all started htc.

  • +1 on Jorge G. comment… I’m loyal with Droid. Although I like so much the Samsung cells, I bought a Optimus Hub and I look for all the Android cellphones. Just need Root and option for a custom rom

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