Samsung announces dual-SIM Galaxy Ace DUOS for international crowd


Samsung today announced the next in their line of  DUOS handsets – the Galaxy Ace DUOS.  Slotted for a June release date, the new device supports dual SIM cards, but is GSM only (7.2 mbps HSDPA). The Galaxy Ace DUOS sports Android 2.3 Gingerbread, an 832MHz processor, 512MB RAM, 3.5-inch HVGA display, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3GB internal memory, microSD card slot (expandable to 32GB), A-GPS, 5MP camera and 1300mAh battery.  Look for the phone to launch in June across Russia, followed by Europe,Latin America, Asia, Middle East, Africa, China, and more.

Are you ready for another DUOS model? What do you think of these devices?  Any reason for you to pick up a dual-SIM handset?

Source : SammyHub


  1. I Will buy as soou as it is available! The reason is very simple, the rates when you call a number of the same cell company are much cheaper then otherwise (in Brazil), so if you make lots of phone calls it is MUCH cheaper to use a chip of the same company. It is not uncommon to many to two dual chip handsets to all major cell companies promotional discounts.

  2. 1300 mah for 3.5 inch screen? and also dual sim… i think battery size wil not be enough for this model… have to be atleast 1500 mah, no features like led flash,720p video recording, no front cam these are some let downs for this model…

  3. finally a half decent phone with Dual SIM’s and officially available in Europe,

    Many travellers (personal and business) would use it, allowing a local SIM for local users to contact you as a visitor (no intl calls), yet still not miss calls from people from home not expecting you to be away. If it allows one to use the local/extra SIM’s data for your normal Apps – even better. i.e. no change of phone environment.

    In Japan although you can call other Japanese networks you cannot SMS easily (or at all in many cases), so a dual SIM even locally would be useful.

    if they can do it for SII and SIII better still,
    is this what Apple need to do as the next leap ?