Win a Galaxy Tab 10.1 from AndroidGuys and Skype!


Hey there!  Yeah, you!  How would you like to get your hands on a free Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet?  No, we’re not kidding – we have a brand new Android tablet that we’re super excited to be giving away.  We’ve partnered with Skype for this promotion and couldn’t be more excited to see how you guys and gals respond!

First, a bit about Skype

Founded in 2003 and based in Luxembourg, Skype is the text, voice and video service that nearly everyone has tried and used at least once.  With almost 700 million users around the world, it’s fast becoming one of the de facto ways to stay in touch over long distances.  In addition to desktop clients there are also applications that can be downloaded and installed on mobile devices, televisions, and more!

Next, a bit about the Galaxy Tab 10.1

We’re talking about the Wi-Fi, 10.1-inch 16GB Samsung tablet that everyone knows and loves.  If you need a brush up on the hardware, here’s a quick rundown!

  • Display: 10.1″ WXGA (1280×800)
  • Android Honeycomb
  • Dual Core Tegra 2 processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • Wi-Fi (802.11 a/b/g/n)
  • 16GB internal storage
  • 3-megapixel camera (720p video) on back
  • 2-megapixel camera on front

How to Enter!

Since we’re doing this contest in conjunction with Skype we thought that we’d theme entries around video chat.  We want to know: If you could video chat with anyone at all, ever, in the history of the universe, who would it be?  Taking things a step further, we don’t even care if they are real or fictional.  We want to know who you would video chat with and what you would talk about.

You can leave your answer in one of three places: here in the comments, our Facebook Wall, or on our Google Plus Page!  Heck, you can even leave it all three places with different answers and increase your chances of winning.  Should you leave a comment here, you must use a valid email address.  Wherever you ultimately decide to leave your answer, make sure that we can reach you when it’s over. Note: you must leave your Facebook and/or Google Plus answer on the dedicated spot, linked within this sentence!

  • Open to residents of the United States and Canada (we know, we know)
  • Contest will run from May 24-June 7
  • Winner will be notified and have 24 hours to respond before we move on to the second place winner.
  • Judging will be conducted by a panel of AndroidGuys staff and will be primarily based on content and originality
    • Yes, technically you could get away with “I’d video chat with Abraham Lincoln and we’d talk about Twilight”, but… really?

Have fun with your answer and think it through!


  1. I would video chat with myself as a young boy so I could prevent myself from making some if the errors I did in the past and I could invest in Microsoft and google when they were just small startups

  2. I would Skype with Jack Bauer (Season 1 Jack). I would help him save america from terrorism and he would later put me in charge of CTU while he was out being a renegade. Then in our down time we would talk about our favorite flavors of Gelato…raspberry he would say.

  3. I would like to chat with my own self from my previous life and ask him the question:
    “Did you ever imagine this was possible”?
    Science is magic.

  4. I would skype God. I would ask him to please please let me
    win the Galaxy Tab 10.1 from AndroidGuys and Skype!

    I’m almost certain that if God had his ways he would have my
    name picked as the lucky winner. 

  5. I would definitely love to do a video chat with Nikola Tesla.  Not only was the man a genius and I’m currently studying engineering, but I think wireless video transmissions would both impress him and be entirely exptected.  I would love to pick his brain.

  6. I would video chat with an ancient Egyptian engineer and ask them how they managed to build the pyramids. And maybe get that alien involvement question cleared up once and for all

  7. I’d like to chat with J I Packer about how *Heavenly* it would be to use the Galaxy Tab for reading his works and my daily Bible studies.

  8. I’d talk with “Opportunity” the mars rover and have it go places and show me crater’s and land marks on MARS!

  9. I would video chat with Abraham Lincoln. I would ask how he feels about having all his accomplishments only getting him a spot on the Penny!

  10. I’d video chat with Emperor Palpatine … We’d probably talk about the dark side and such, but I’d like to ask him for info on his tailor. 

  11. I’d chat with the Janitor from Scrubs, ask him what he is doing these days and if he has any good tips for annoying co-workers I can’t stand

  12. I would Skype with the professor from Back to the Future. Get all the information on building a time traveling machine.

  13. I would like to Skype with Jerry Brown, governor of California, so I can give him a view of reality.

    “Hello Mr. Governor!”  “Can you see me?”  “Now watch and listen!”

  14. I’d go back in time to December 23rd and Cele-Skype Festivus with the Kardashians, starting with the “airing of grievances; I got a lot of problems with you people! And now, you’re gonna hear about it.”

  15. I would chat with the neighbors dog and talk with it about what the hell goes on it’s head when he’s barking for 4 hours …does he think “WTF?!?! I’ve been barking for 4 hours and no one is answering me?!?!”

  16. i’d chat with one of my two favorite presidents, either teddy roosevelt or calvin coolidge. i’d ask them what they think of the current state of the world and what policies they’d like to see put into effect.

  17. Would like the opportunity to chat with Rick Astley, so I could ask him what is worse…getting Rickrolled or BEING Rick Astley. Why do I think the answer would not be ‘getting Rickrolled’?

  18. I would talk to that Jesus fella. I’d ask him to come back and stay longer this time. And bring friends. Oh, and I would ask him to do his Christopher Walken impression. I hear it’s dead on.

  19. i would like to video chat with harry potter. it would be fun to use technology to chat with a wizard. i wonder if he would think it was magic

  20. if I could video chat with anyone, it would be with my deceased father and we would talk about the reasons he deserted our family while we were at such a young age.

  21. I’d pick Guglielmo Marconi if I spoke even rudimentary Italian. Imagine video-chatting with the father of long distance radio transmission! But I don’t, so I would pick Philo Farnsworth. Could he have even imagined two-way live video on a handheld device? It’d blow his mind! That would be the interview of the century…well, for us techno-geeks, anyway.

  22. I would talk to Burt Reynolds, we would discuss awesome mustaches and random crazy things, such as magical unicorns and flying trombones that are played by bee’s that have been punched in the face for stinging people.

  23. I would talk to Burt Reynolds, we would discuss awesome mustaches and random crazy things, such as magical unicorns and flying trombones that are played by bee’s that have been punched in the face for stinging people.

  24. I think a Skype discussion with Heisenberg about his uncertainty principle and what has been learned recently would be very interesting.

  25. I would like to skype with the Mayan King and ask him what the heck will happen to us on Dec 21 2012. Please pick me. Love your site.

  26. I would video chat with Tiny Tim because all under privileged kids deserve a tablet. Not that I am hinting at my own under privileged life (but I kind of am). I would give him the most important lesson of life: don’t wait for the handout from the rich guy…just break into his place and take it while he is out galavanting with ghosts.

  27. I would love to skype with C.S. Lewis. I recently took a class about him and would love to talk about his books and his beliefs.

  28. I would want to video chat with God (whoever it maybe), just to settle all these crazy religeous differences, or Franz von Papen just so I could say “WRONG!”

  29. I would try and video chat with Steve Jobs and get his take on a larger iphone, smaller ipad, and giving dividends to shareholders.

  30. I would try and video chat with Steve Jobs and get his take on a larger iphone, smaller ipad, and giving dividends to shareholders.

  31. I would video chat with Google n ask why the heck fragmentation was introduced at first place and why fixed it later? 1. Is it to increase sales figures or 2. just not enough competency. My best bet would be point 1.

  32. serious answer would be great-great-grandfather. he was the one to immigrate to the us and the man i am named after. i would ask him what kind of ideas he had for the new country and how different was it after settling and starting a family.

  33. Who would i Skype, well i think i would skype myself at a much younger age and tell myself a few things to do a little bit different.

  34. I would Skype with the future inventor of faster than light travel. Then I’d totally pollute the time line by getting that technology here now. I have star systems to see people!

  35. It would have to be Steve Jobs. As much as I despise Apple, what Jobs was able to do with Apple and their products will never be matched. He didn’t create a product, he created a brand. He wasn’t just a great mind, he was a great man.

  36. I would love to Skype with a younger version of myself. I’d love say that it’s okay to be who you want to be and pursue the dreams you want to dream. My life would be so much different now if I knew then what I know now. Where are Bill and Ted when I need them?! 🙂

  37. I would like to talk to GOD and discuss about living peacefully. I would also ask him why he created soo much difference among us.

  38. I would love to Skype with Douglas Adams.. just to pick his brain about SF writing, & bringing comedy into it (or vice versa..).

  39. If I could Skype with any one, it would be John Clark (Tom Clancy
    novels) – I want to know all his stories – and what Portagee’s coffee
    recipe is.