January 30, 2015

Evernote Hello says Howdy to Android


Ever run into a situation where you are supposed to know the person standing in front of you, only to draw a complete blank? Evernote understands your dilemma and wants to help.  That’s why they are today introducing the Android version of its Evernote Hello app.  Already available for iOS devices, this app functions more like a service or companion that helps you build and foster connections.

Not only does the Android version give you everything that iOS users have come to enjoy but it’s full of new stuff for our favorite mobile platform.  Details include deep ties with LinkedIn, calendar, call history, text history, and email integration.  Not only can you easily recall previous meetings but Evernote Hello may also predict your next encounters. The best part?  It’s all tied to your Evernote account and accessible from pretty much everywhere.

There are three main components to ‘Hello.’
    • The people you meet
    • The mosaic of encounters (to help recognize people by faces)
    • Your profile

Look for Evernote Hello in the Google Play Store today!


  1. Sam Garfield

    This is a cool idea, except it’s awkward to ask people you just met to take their own picture with your phone so you can put them in your “remember people” app. This will be awesome when it works in google goggles, which will be awesome when you can wear them without people immediately noticing.

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