Share batches of photos and videos with Kicksend

Sharing a photo or video from your Android phone or tablet is not all that difficult to do.  Generally, you have one button to tap (SHARE) and then a seemingly endless number of ways/apps/services to share them with.  But what happens when you have an entire birthday party worth of pictures you want to give mom?  It’s not quite so easy now is it?

Sure, you can upload all of your files to Google+, Dropbox, or wherever and then share access.  On the other hand you can send them via email, one or two at a time.  Both ways kind stink if you ask us. Kicksend allows for unlimited sharing of both photo and videos and it’s hassle free.

To be clear, Kicksend doesn’t so much as send the file directly to the recipient as it notifies them that they are available for downloading via direct links. If the person on the other end happens to have the app, they will get a notification within the client and can view them from the phone.Download Kicksend from the Google Play store and you’ll see just how simple the process of sharing multiple photos can be.  Not only can you send to other Kicksend users and email addresses, but you can also create groups to share with in those times when more than one person wants/needs access.  It is not required that your friends or recipients sign up for Kicksend however you can request an additional layer of privacy and require them to log in to Kicksend. This is to ensure that your stuff stays private no public links are posted.Beyond the mobile client, Kicksend also offers a desktop app that lets you send files larger than 150MB, receive instant notifications, and more.