ASUS planning to new Transformer tablets for Computex

It seems that ViewSonic is not the only one that will be introducing new stuff at the Computex on June 5, as ASUS is also planning to bring some new goodies to the event. ASUS released a teaser video in which they are telling us to get ready to check out the “Next Transformations” at the Computex, though ASUS didn’t spill any other “further” information, so we are a little clueless right now, but there’s nothing wrong in making some guesses, right? Anyway, check out the video below: 

Computex is taking place in Taipei, Taiwan – And we all know that Taiwan is home to ASUS, so there are chances that we will be seeing some good stuff. However, there’s a possibility that the tablets might be limited to Taiwan or the Asian region, but let’s wait for the event and see what ASUS got for us. Anyway, are you interested in any new tablet from ASUS or you are looking forward to PadFone? Tell us about it in the comment box below.

Source: Android Community

  • yippiedad

    Wow – that video was as cheesy as an aged Camenbert! Seriously, whenever I see a commercial from Asian manufacturers like ASUS, Samsung and LG I always feel embarrassed for them. I know that the cultural gap plays a huge role here – and it’s not like people are not buying their products, but just imagine if they really started getting the western mentality and was able to promote their products in a clever, non-cheesy way. And NOT with stupid “Made for humans” quotes…

  • Cookiekaikai

    Maybe Asus should try to ship infinity pad first! I have been waiting forever for it

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