Leaked Fujitsu roadmap pegs two Android tablets for 2012

Leaked Fujitsu roadmap pegs two Android tablets for 2012

A leaked Fujitsu roadmap hitting the internet today suggests the manufacturer has two Android tablets which should arrive in the near term.  First up is the 10-inch “High-End Bacura” which is actually listed as launching in the first quarter.  Given we’re already beyond that window we wouldn’t be surprised if the rest of the roadmap was subject to change.  It’s also possible that the internal product calendar for Fujitsu isn’t the same as a standard calendar you see on the wall.

The second model is another 10-inch tablet called the “Volume” and is tapped with a Q2 release.  There are two additional Windows-based tablets on the roadmap, one of which is called Stylistic.  As SlashGear points out, the Sylistic model name was initially found in a 10-inch Android tablet earlier in the year.  Perhaps Fujitsu decided to change horses in the middle of the stream and give the name to the Windows model.  Whatever the case, we’re anxious to see what makes one of them a “high end” tablet and the other not so much.

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