Samsung: Galaxy S and S II sales at 50 million and climbing

Samsung: Galaxy S and S II sales at 50 million and climbing

Samsung might be just getting started with their Galaxy S III handset but that doesn’t mean they can’t plug the stuff that’s already on the market.  According to the manufacturer, the Galaxy S and its successor, the Galaxy S II, have crossed the 50 million mark.

Since its debut in 2010, the Korean phone maker has sold 24 million Galaxy S phones and 28 million Galaxy S II around the globe. Further, the phone and tablet hybrid Galaxy Note is already at 7 million and climbing.

When talking about the figures Samsung refers to these as sales, however it would be more accurate to term them as shipments (to retailers).  These would would be the phones that are on hand in your local carrier or at warehouses for indirect channels.  Nevertheless, considering how well these models are selling, we cannot imagine there being much disparity in sales versus shipments.

With the Galaxy S III just now touching down in various parts of the world it may be a few weeks before we get some sales figures for the new handset.  Based on the sheer interest and number of carriers expecting to offer the GS III, we figure Samsung will shatter their previous records.


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