March 28, 2015

T-Mobile version of Galaxy S III has identical form factor as global edition


Thanks to a leaked set of official looking photos, we know that the Galaxy S III form factor stays the same for at least one of  U.S. carriers.  The Verge has obtained a pair of images for T-Mobile’s version of the upcoming smartphone and it appears to be identical to the global version.  The home button stays, the camera is in the same spot, the headphone jack… everything.


Pardon us for a moment but we couldn’t be more excited by this bit of news.  Why? Because now we can expect proper support for cases, gel skins, adapters, docks, and other accessories.  Here’s to hoping the other U.S. iterations are the same across the board!


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  1. Tcv4

    this is missing the mic in the upper left hand corner on the back and what is that white circle on the pebble blue.

    • westc661

      The device has two mics directly on bottom and top (top mic is noise cancellation), they are not visible in these pics. The white circle, is the LED notification.


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