ASUS Transformer AiO – a dual boot Windows 8 and Android all-in-one PC/tablet

ASUS launched a teaser video on YouTube a few days ago, in which they mentioned a new transformation is coming out at Computex. Well, Computex 2012 is here, and ASUS is also in total action, as they launched their first-ever tablet with dual OSes. ASUS merged both Windows 8 and Android 4.0 into what they’er calling the ASUS Transformer AiO. It’s actually like an 18.4-inch all-in-one PC, but as the display is detachable, it feels like an 18.4-inch Android tablet.

ASUS showcased the prototype version at Computex, so you can expect some changes in the final version. When the 18-inch tablet is docked, it runs on a standard Windows 8 platform. However undock, and you’ll be running Android 4.0. The thing I like about it is that you can also run Android applications in Windows 8 mode, thanks to Bluestacks Android player.

There are two form factors involved here: either use it as an all-in-one PC, or use it as the world’s largest (big, fat, huge, ginormous) Android tablet. Right now, there are no words on the pricing and availability of AiO, but I hope ASUS will confirm it soon. Have a look at the video posted by Engadget, found here.

So folks, are you looking forward to something like the AiO? Tell us in the comment box below.

Source: Engadget


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  • Jim Belknap

    I recently purchased an Isus 12″ slate (tablet) with Windows 7 OS to use as GPS with Delorme Street Atlas when traveling. It fits easily into my RAM braccket, but is on the small side. The buttons become too small to operate well with a touch screen.
    My first “tablet” GPS (7 years ago) was an Acer convertable with a 14″ touch screen which was an ideal size. However, one of the back lights failed and it became hard to read. $800 for a new screen wasn’t economically viable.
    So, I purchased an Isus 15″ all-in-one.with W-XP which barely fit with modifications to the RAM bracket. It worked well, but with one very annoying characteristic. Each time you stop for gas you must shut off the engine (law in most states), and so, with no battery in the all-in-one, the computer had to be also shut down. When you restart in the portrait (vertical) mode, the visual buttons don’t correspond with the pressure buttons. You must go to the landscape mode first and then manuveur again with the mouse to the portrait mode. Then the buttons work fine. What a nuisance.
    This 18″ Asus Transformer sounds great, but would not fit in my RAM bracket. Why can’t they come out with a reasonable size tablet with W-7 around 14 or 15″ screen?