Cordcruncher headphones review

Cordcruncher headphones review

We’ve recently spent some time with a new set of headphones that are handy on more than one front.  Called Cordcruncher, these headphones are housed in an elastic sleeve which eliminates concerns of tangles and knots.  If these sound like a Kickstarter project to you, your right!

When not in use, the headphones are essentially converted to a wearable necklace or bracelet.   The jack can plug into the end of the sleeve,  creating a rubber-like loop that travels extremely well.  Ready to use ’em?  Pull the earbuds out only as far as you need to, anywhere from 16-inches to 42-inches.

The cords are very light, thin, and the elastic sleeve comes in a variety of colors.  The review units we were sent were Rocket Red however they would be more accurately described as fluorescent pink.  Additional color options include Pearl Blue, iGizmo White, and Matte Black.

So how did they sound?  Surprisingly, these $20 headphones sounded much better than we expected.  We anticipated something thin and tinny however these delivered a fuller sound with more bass than other, more expensive earbuds.

  • Guaranteed tangle-free headphone experience, anywhere and every time
  • Elastic-sleeve to customize headphone experience and allow user to take command of cord length
  • Adjusts from 16 inches to 3.5 feet of cord length
  • Elastic-sleeve manufactured with hypo-allergenic (99.9 percent protein-free) material
  • Easily crunch and be worn as a necklace or bracelet between use

You can order the CordCruncher headphones directly from their website or through Amazon.

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  1. bikesandwich
    June 05, 15:46 Reply

    What about my right? My right side? My right to reading proper word use?
    “If these sound like a Kickstarter project to you, your right!”
    Your you’re used wrong

  2. ses
    October 18, 19:23 Reply

    Don’t buy Cordcrunchers headphones. Mine arrived broken and with the wrong contact info. I cannot get the company to replace the product or even contact me. Steer clear!!!

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