Apple adds Samsung Galaxy S III to suit, renews complaints with HTC

Apple adds Samsung Galaxy S III to suit, renews complaints with HTC

Apple is at it again, folks. Time for some more lawsuit news, as Big Fruit has not only renewed their claims against HTC, but is now adding the Samsung Galaxy S III to their line of supposed evildoers.

The claim against HTC involves the “data tapping” hyperlink menu, and is asking for an emergency proceeding to ban the following devices at the border:

  • HTC One X
  • HTC One S
  • HTC One V
  • HTC Inspire 4G
  • HTC Vivid
  • HTC Status
  • HTC Sensation
  • HTC Sensation 4G
  • HTC Wildfire
  • HTC Wildfire S
  • HTC Hero
  • HTC Hero S
  • HTC EVO 4G
  • HTC EVO V 4G
  • HTC EVO Design 4G
  • HTC EVO 3D
  • HTC Amaze 4G
  • HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE
  • HTC myTouch 4G
  • HTC myTouch 4G Slide
  • HTC Rezound
  • HTC Rhyme
  • HTC ThunderBolt
  • HTC Flyer
  • HTC Jetstream
  • HTC EVO View 4G
  • Droid Incredible 2 by HTC

What about the Galaxy S III, you ask? Apple is throwing it into the fire with the Galaxy Nexus, saying that both devices not only violate the “data tapping” patent, but also the idea of slide-to-unlock, unified search, and word completion. Apple doesn’t want to waste the court’s time (Oracle, anyone?), and so they’re not going after Sammy for slide-to-unlock, but they are saying that the unified search infringes on Siri.

Let’s be realistic: in this writer’s opinion, Apple knows two things. Not only do they need to knock the most recent Evo line out of the hands of users, but the Galaxy S III must stay out of stores here in the states. With as popular as these devices are / will be, they could put Apple in some hot water.

what are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Bowser
    June 07, 13:03 Reply

    How can you patent a function that should be universal? That would be like AT&T patenting the calling function of a phone. Sorry Apple your Iphone isn’t allowed to make calls now.

  2. eicky
    June 10, 13:25 Reply

    Disgusting. where can I get bumper sticker “Apple free environment” ?

  3. Soul
    September 10, 20:39 Reply

    Something tells me that Apple knows the iPhone 5 won’t be enough to get the top spot back. If their flagship is going to be so great, they would just let their rivals bask in the limelight. But no, they have to sue the daylights out of the ones at the top and make it seem like their phone is the best.

    Sorry Apple, but sore losers never win.

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