Energizer USB Wall Charger review

Energizer USB Wall Charger review

One of the best things about mobile phones today is that they pretty much all have the same standard microUSB charger. For those of us who own more than one handset or gadget this is great. Because many of our devices use the same chargers we will often grab one from one room to take to another. Perfect, until you realize that your wife has somehow managed to take three of your chargers with her to work. Do yourself a favor and scoop up a couple of extra wall chargers.

I’ve spent the last few weeks using an Energizer USB Wall Charger that I received during CTIA. There’s not a lot you can say about a charger other than how it might be different from the competition, if at all. The Energizer USB Wall Charger has become one of my favorites because it’s so portable and compact.

The design of the Energizer USB Wall Charger is somewhat unique in that you can wrap its cord up and fold in the prongs when not in use. Ideal for tossing in a purse or overnight bag, the compact bundle fits in the palm of your hand. Think racquetball and you’re already too big.

Another handy feature is the indicator light which glows blue when charging. A quick glance across the room tells you whether or not your device is completely done. Don’t see the light glowing? Pull that phone off and go! As someone who wears contact lenses or glasses, I’ve come to appreciate this feature. No longer do I need to tap the device to check the status of my charge. Instead, I just look for the blurry, blue haze over near the nightstand.

Priced at roughly $12.50 a piece I would suggest buying two of these. Energizer is a more than reputable brand and the charger is all quality. Pick up one for yourself and then hide that thing from your wife.

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  1. Alexey Solofnenko
    June 06, 16:35 Reply

    Does it use “standard” or “Apple” high powered output signal? If it uses Apple’s, then it will not charge my Android phones at maximum speed.

  2. Andrew Schneider
    June 06, 19:04 Reply

    What is the amp level on this? I am considering for a second charger for my EVO LTE, but I need an amp or more.

    • NexusKoolaid
      June 08, 09:41 Reply

      I did a quick 30 second check of the Energizer web site (wonder why the guy who wrote the article didn’t take the time) and it looks like it’s a 5 watt (1 amp) charger.

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