Google patent hints at new location-aware features in Android

Google patent hints at new location-aware features in Android

A newly uncovered patent application from 2011 suggests that Google may have some new location-aware features for future versions of Android.  Initially submitted in September, the patent looks to have been recently awarded so it’s possible we could see this in short order.  Or… we could never see it at all.

The patent itself sounds an awful lot like Motorola Smart Actions, which totally makes sense considering Google’s recent acquisition.  Using GPS, network address data, and your travel history, the system would trigger contextual and/or location-based actions.  Sounds a little bit like what Microsoft is doing with their new on{X} stuff.  Going further, it sounds like Google is patenting some of the things that apps like Locale have done.  There are plenty of apps out there that trigger actions based on location so it’s unclear how much different Google’s patent is, if it all.

Via: Engadget

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