The Google Nexus 7 tablet should look something like this

The Google Nexus 7 tablet should look something like this

With but a few weeks to go before Google I/O 2012 kicks off and the presumed Google Nexus tablet announcement, we would expect to get a look at the rumored device before long.  If the two images here prove to be legit, this is what the Asus-manufactured Google Nexus 7 tablet looks like… only less blurry.

UPDATE: Speaking of legitimacy, TechHog has a great write-up on all the reasons that make these two pictures out to be fakes.

Featuring what appears to be three colors (white face, black/grey back), the tablet has the familiar Google logo right in middle of the backside.  Looking quite a bit like a massive Galaxy Note, the tablet looks to be held in more of a portrait mode as opposed to landscape.  Notice that speaker at the top of the screen?  Surely we are not the only one who thinks this thing might double as a phone.  Either way, we’d use Google Voice and install Groove IP on the first day.

Recapping some of the details that have been circulating for a while, the Nexus 7 should have a Tegra 3 processor, run Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean), and run about $150-$200.


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  • Brent Stewart

    Actually I hope it looks NOTHING like that. That looks like a phone not a tablet, too much bevel on the top and bottom edges which is consistent phone designs due to speak/mic placement.

  • Mil

    The front looks like they used a Samsung Galaxy S2 or Note as a basis for a photoshop.

  • Leif

    Could be true. In one of the last Google App review show they used a 7″ white tablet which didn”t looked like a Samsung device.

    • Leif

      ok, was an office hour

      The border just looks much bigger. The picture in the article reminds me a bit on a stretched SGS III without buttons.

  • Al Chandler

    Lets see how long it takes apple to say it look like their iPhone and sue.

  • kc

    Asus has better taste and class than that,

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