TomTom to launch Android application this summer – again

If you are a big fan of GPS applications, then I am sure you are familiar with TomTom. TomTom is one of the leading applications and it’s been around for a long time – but it’s still not available for Android, yet is for iOS. Back in 2009, TomTom made it clear that they are not ignoring Android, and they will also bring an application for it, but it’s been two years… and still no sign of it.

TomTom’s co-founder confirmed with Pocket-Lint that ‘they’re still working on an Android application, and that it would “likely come sometime this summer”. I am still trying to think what’s stopping them, because they said the same thing last year as well and here we are, but now it’s too late for TomTom.

TomTom Premium version retails around $50 at the Apple Store, which brings the navigation and other features to the device. In the meantime, Google also launched the latest version of Google Maps, and it will be offering free navigation without internet connection in future, so I don’t think so people will pay a big chunk of change for TomTom Navigation when they will be getting it for free from Google.

Anyway, to compete with Google Maps, TomTom will have to come up with something Google isn’t offering, right? Tell us what do you think about it in the comment box below.

Source: Pocket-Lint

  • Darren

    Coming up against Google and Waze, I’m not sure there’s room for another, let alone a paid solution!

  • Bas Horneman

    They should not bother and save themselves a lot of heartache and money. Too late with google coming with an offline version. And Waze is awesome except ofcourse when roaming. Then there is NavFree ofcourse.

  • griepje

    Google maps offline wil not be free.
    Tomtom has HD traffic which takes the actual traffic on the roads (not only highways) and gives the fastest route. In tests TT was 50 minutes faster on a 500 km trip then the BMW nav. and 15 min faster then the 2nd best.

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  • zottel

    Google Maps today shows traffic but doesn’t even try to route around it. And the quality of the routes often isn’t very good. In terms of traffic, there’s nothing on the market that is even remotely as good as TomTom HD Traffic. (But OTOH the traffic service is too expensive if you don’t use it very often.)

    It’s late, yes. I’d have liked it better, too, if I could already use it since two years. It’s about time. But it’s not too late at all.

  • just say no

    Ya problem is tomtom has a bad historical issue of reporting where and how fast you are going and other stuff like how long you stayed at your location say like a hotel etc. All up for grabs for anyone with money in their hands so the articles say. This was a big deal in the news like 6 months ago. They were selling the info to police in the states so they would know with more knowledge where to set up speed traps. Tomtom on my phone ,, I think not considering our phones can collect way more info than just a gps unit on its own.

  • Level380

    Too late to the party… Don’t bother Tom Tom!

  • yippiedad

    The opportunity that the GPS manufacturers like TomTom can grab is to introduce a large screen tablet style device made specifically for auto use, and that leverage the power of Android and Google Maps Navigation. While Google Maps arguably is (or soon will be) the best navigation software out there, it is still better to have a dedicated auto device so that the phone doesn’t waste its battery or overheat while navigating.

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