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Samsung’s ‘Unicorn Apocalypse’ released as real game

You know that Unicorn Apocalypse game that has been featured in a number of Samsung commercials as of late? Well, it’s a real game and now it’s available in the

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AAMCO’s iGAAUGE Now Available

AAMCO has just announced that their popular  iGAAUGE application is now available for Android handsets.  The free tool provides users with access to car repair information, nearby fueling spots  and

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Bring! Shopping List: A simple shopping list that you can share ['Watch' This App]

If you keep forgetting to buy something when you go to the grocery store, and want an app that provides you with a simple shopping list that you can share


  1. Mats Högberg
    June 08, 07:46 Reply

    No problem with crashes and/or logouts, but the FB app is so incredibly slow, it’s unusable. Like someone said: 30 years ago, I sat staring at the C64 screen, “Loading…” Now I stare at the FB app; “Loading…”

  2. chefgon
    June 08, 08:35 Reply

    How about a tablet layout while they’re at it? The iPad version launched 8 months ago. Even the TouchPad had a tablet optimized Facebook app. This is kind of pathetic.

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