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Motorola Moto G with “Universal 4G LTE” available for pre-order on Amazon

When the Moto G was first announced, it was widely received as a super affordable Android handset with decent specs.  However, the biggest drawback was not having 4G LTE compatability.

News and Rumors

Amazon’s game console to launch in 2014, report indicates

Amazon will debut a game console later this year which will run Android, says gaming-centric site VG247. Expected to launch with a sub-$300 price tag, the console will reportedly allow

News and Rumors

ShowYou video discovey app adds Chromecast support

Remixnation have today added Chromecast support to their iOS and Android app ShowYou, allowing you to push interest-curated online videos to the big screen. ShowYou helps find the most interesting


  1. Mats Högberg
    June 08, 07:46 Reply

    No problem with crashes and/or logouts, but the FB app is so incredibly slow, it’s unusable. Like someone said: 30 years ago, I sat staring at the C64 screen, “Loading…” Now I stare at the FB app; “Loading…”

  2. chefgon
    June 08, 08:35 Reply

    How about a tablet layout while they’re at it? The iPad version launched 8 months ago. Even the TouchPad had a tablet optimized Facebook app. This is kind of pathetic.

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