Party Your Apps Off with Lookout on eve of Google I/O! (WIN A FREE TICKET)

Headed to San Francisco later this month to get in your annual dose of Google I/O?  Why not get things started a little early with the Lookout team at their second annual Party Your Apps Off event?  Like last year’s festivities there will be food, unlimited drinks, awesome people, and giveaways!  The party goes down on June 26 at 8PM PST and will be one of the pre-Google I/O hotspots worth attending.

To help provide a little bit of incentive to show up, we’ve got 20 tickets to get you in the door.  Why pay for a ticket when we can get you on the list?  The best part is that each of these twenty tickets includes a “plus one”, so that’s 40 spots.

  • When: Tuesday, June 26 @ 8PM
  • Where: This part is a secret 🙂
  • What: Lookout’s big party in San Francisco on the first night of Google I/O. Drinks will start flowing at 8PM at a hot secret location in downtown SF & one of the city’s best Food Trucks will be there serving snacks. There will be some goodies for the first folks who show up at the door. *Please note, this event is 21 and over.

Shmooze Us

How do you enter to win a ticket? That’s easy!  You just need to inflate our egos a bit.  Tell us how much you love Lookout and AndroidGuys in the comments below and we’ll choose from there. We’ll draw the winners on Friday and notify Lookout as to who gets in from the AndroidGuys list.

  • Pete Teoh

    Lookout and Android Guys… both awesome all the time!

    • scottwebster

      Congratulations, you’ve won a ticket to the Lookout “Party your apps off at Google I/O” event in San Francisco next week! Shoot an email to scott with your name and email address and we’ll handle it from there. NOTE: This is a pair of tickets to the party and not Google I/O itself. Thanks so much for participating!

    • scottwebster

      Didn’t know if you saw, you’ve been selected as a winner! Congratulations, you’ve won a ticket to the Lookout “Party your apps off at Google I/O” event in San Francisco next week! NOTE: This is a pair of tickets to the party and not Google I/O itself. Thanks so much for participating! Register on the party website:

  • Sergi Torralba

    Android Guys are the source of android related news! Lookout is the essential tool for anyone that values his or hers mobile phone. Is there any reason to not love you?

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  • Ronald Pottol

    My daily android news source.

  • You guys are amazing a daily read for me love following you on twitter. Thank you for all your hard work!

  • Went to the Lookout party last year and it was nuts! Hoping to go again this year and Lookout has definitely been an asset in getting rid of that nasty CIQ awhile back. Androidguys is always my top Android news source in my google reader as well. Hope to see you all down there in 15 days!!!

  • DenverMark

    Have been getting my Android news from Android Guys for at least 3 years, its one of the oldest most reliable news sources when it comes to green robot news. Hope they have jelly beans at this party …

  • Scott Castillo

    lookout and Androidguys are the best

  • Cyberphilia

    Android Guys is great source for news and I frequently visit to stay up to date.

  • AndroidGuys is the first place I hear most of my Android news. Always reliable, always relevant. I’ve had other sites in my RSS feed (RSS? Who still uses that!) but I like the commentary and filter that Scott and team provide.

    Lookout provides me peace of mind on my phones and tablets (thankfully it’s been just that up to now), but more importantly fond memories from last year. The party last year was kickin’ and I met several new great Google I/O friends there.

    Safe travels everyone!

  • Frank Flores

    Wow a party for the best sure would love to hangout with lookout and AndroidGuys they are so Awesome…….

  • Doug Stevenson

    AndroidGuys kicks butt /
    And Lookout rescues the day /
    But this haiku sucks

  • AndroidGuys and Lookout are two essentials for Android users period!


    Lookout provides ultimate protection while giving you full android pleasure. Dive into the market with full confidence! One size-fits-all!!!

  • Manfred Moser

    Both AndroidGuys and Lookout are great at taking care of your Android needs. Lookout takes care of your devices you currently use and AndroidGuys keep a look out for you on what to do with the device and which one to get next. What a great combination!

  • Tony

    Been reading AndroidGuys for a while now… great way to updated info on Android and all things Google =). Lookout has been awesome, definitely worth the premium upgrade. I also met the Lookout guys at the last party and it was a blast! Hope to see them again this year.

  • Matt Donovan

    Lookout is the best protection out there period. And the Androidguys are awesome and funny! I get me news from you guys every day!

  • ophelan

    Lookout worries about my phone so I don’t have to. Well, not as much at least. 🙂

  • Sean Catlin

    Peace of mind from Lookout and great news from Android Guys!

  • Jesse Baynard

    Cutting edge news from the Android Guys and sound protection for the phone with Lookout, how can you lose?

  • I wish I could inflate but I’ve never heard of LookOut. What am I missing?

  • Stephen Mitchell

    I’ve never heard of AndroidGuys. What am I missing?

  • Aaron Frost

    Lookout is Z BOMB! Last Fall I ended up dumpster diving at a Fast Food joint because at lunch I accidentally left my phone on my tray when I emptied it. By the time I realized it, I was back at the office. LOOKOUT TO THE RESCUE! I turn it on, and my phone starts pinging me from inside the dumpster. Next thing I know… I bullocks-deep in garbage as I try to find my phone. Thankfully I found it, and am still happy with it today. If it weren’t for the guys at LookOut, that would have been a very expensive mistake. I will be at IO and would love to come thank you all in person!!!!

  • Will Welch

    I’ll call you, maybe?

  • After a friend of mine told me about Lookout, I decided to give it a try. Now I use it every night before sleep.. Nah, just joking! It’s a must-have application, though.

    And I do read the latest news on AndroidGuys, of course!


  • AndroidGuys are definitely a great way to keep up with all things Android. Learned about Lookout last year after they twitter game, equally awesome!

  • I don’t personally use Lookout, but I do like the services they offer 🙂 As for AndroidGuys, I just found you not too long ago and I like what I see 🙂 Keep up the good work!

  • Jimmie

    AndroidGuys: You guys have the best rumor section. Period. I love how easy it is to stay connected with you guys and I really enjoy reading your news. Lookout is an awesome app that I have on my phone and I’d love the chance to get to talk to them and tell them in-person. I live in the Bay Area so there is no issues with me attending. Thanks.

  • AndroidGuys made me know Lookout. Since that day every time i use to swap to another phone, Lookout is the first utility app that i install =)

  • Madison Aitken

    AndroidGuys – your reviews are great! It’s so important to have unbiased opinions on devices, and you deliver. And Lookout, you keep my phone secure so I won’t have to go shopping around for a new one sooner than I’d like to 😉

  • Matt

    Chuck Norris reads AndroidGuys but only with Lookout installed

  • Brian S

    You want me at this party, you need me at this party, I use words like Security, Hash, and Encryption, I use these words as the backbone of a life spent keeping that creepy friend off your phone…

  • Lookout + AndroidGuys + Party = EPIC