HTC One S with S3 processor being sold in select Asian and European markets

HTC One S with S3 processor being sold in select Asian and European markets


After it was discovered that HTC was selling the One S in Taiwan with Qualcomm’s previous generation processor, the S3 Snapdragon as opposed to the S4, HTC has confirmed that they’re selling the S3 version in Asia-Pacific regions, as well as some European markets. It’s not certain which European markets this specifically applies to, but HTC is telling the public where the change has been made so consumers won’t be kept in the dark. If the phone is clocked at 1.7GHz instead of 1.5, then it’ll probably be using the S3.

The change in some markets is likely due to Qualcomm struggling to meet demand for the S4, thanks to the popularity of LTE devices this year – which mostly run on Qualcomm chips. My guess is this: these select markets are still working towards LTE, so the S4 wasn’t needed in these devices to provide the same customer experience.

HTC has said that they’re working towards meeting the demand for phones with faster and more power efficient chips. In the meantime, however, if you’re after a One S and live in one of the select markets… then it’s best to check which processor it’s using, if it bothers you.

What do you guys think? Obviously there’s not much HTC can do about this, they want to meet the demand of their customers, even if Qualcomm can’t. Do you think that maybe the device’s price point should reflect the change in processor? Let us know below!

Source: The Verge


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