Verizon outlines Share Everything data plans

Verizon outlines Share Everything data plans

Verizon Wireless has officially pulled back the curtain for its “Share Everything” family plans which let user pool data across as many as 10 devices.  Expected to launch on June 28, the plans include unlimited phone calls and text messages and run anywhere between $50 and $100 per month.  There are six different options for consumers to choose from, each with its own bucket of data allotment.

  • $50/month allows for 1GB shared data
  • $60/month allows for 2GB shared data
  • $70/month allows for 4GB shared data
  • $80/month allows for 6GB shared data
  • $90/month allows for 8GB shared data
  • $100/month allows for 10GB shared data

Verizon will also tap each individual device with its own separate monthly fees, on top of the charges you see above.

  • Smartphones will cost $40/month per line
  • Feature phones will cost $30/month per line
  • Hotspots, USB modems, netbooks, and notebooks will cost $20/month each
  • Tablets will cost $10/month each

Conceivably, one might end up paying more for having multiple devices on the Share Everything plans, and Verizon concedes the point.  To that point, the carrier expresses that these plans are not required and that families and multiple device users can stay the course with current offerings.

Should you come close to your allotted data, Verizon will issue an alert and give you an option of paying $10 for 2GB of extra data.  Forgo the option and put things in your own hand, your overage charges will come in the form of $15 per 1GB data.

June 28 is also the same date that Verizon stops offering grandfathered unlimited data plans to subscribers.  More specifically, if a customer takes a subsidy from the carrier, they will lose the unlimited rate plan. On the other hand you can still buy your devices outright or through other channels and keep things the way they are.


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  1. Matt
    June 12, 09:46 Reply

    WOW. Verizon really doesn’t want to keep their customers! Or they just don’t want to encourage them to use their smart phones. Hello Sprint? Yeah I need to talk to you about a new plan……..

  2. raitchison
    June 12, 09:47 Reply

    Interesting, quite a bit pricier than I was expecting even for Verizon.

    Comparing it to my current (grandfathered) T-Mobile family voice plan with add-on data plans, currently we pay a total of $130 (before taxes and BS fees) for 4 lines including 3 data plans.

    On a current T-Mobile (subsidized – trying to compare apples to apples as much as possible) plan we’d be looking at about $160 (which is more than we pay now including taxes and BS fees)

    Looking at AT&T (comparing apples to apples would want to have LTE as an option) it would be about $170

    On these new VZW plans we’d pay $210 to share a single 2GB data pool (which I think we could do but would be pushing it)

    It gets really sad If you compare it to the current VZW plans we would be looking at about $180 for four lines and three 2GB data plans, paying less for a total of 6GB of data.

    These new plans don’t even make sense if you have a tablet you want to add on, you could get a smartphone and a tablet and have them both share a 2GB data pool for $110, compared to $100 for two 2GB plans under the current plan structure.

    I guess you could say VZW doesn’t fail to disappoint in delivering disappointment.

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