VirusTotal app hits Android, checks your apps against over 40 antivirus sources

VirusTotal app hits Android, checks your apps against over 40 antivirus sources

Mobile security is becoming more and more important every day. With the number of fake apps, viruses, malware, and general information stealing apps there are in the wild, we users have to be more and more careful with what we do.

As an I.T. professional, I’m constantly on the lookout (pun only partially intended) for good security apps, and it looks like we may have found one: VirusTotal. The app has actually been around for awhile, but only in a desktop environment. Until now, VT was a simple web interface where you could upload files to be scanned against different AntiVirus engines. Now, however, it has come to Android. According to Android Police:

As mobile devices are often data-limited, VirusTotal for Android instead checks an identifying hash of each application installed on your mobile device against the website’s database. If your applications have already been uploaded to VirusTotal by someone else, you will get results based on that. If an app crops up that has not been scanned before, you then have the option to upload it for an on-demand scan.

This is truly an innovative way to keep your mobile device safe. While it may not be the prettiest app out there, the functionality certainly seems great.

If you want to pick this app up from the Play Store for free, just hit up this link, and let us know what you think of it in the comments below.

via android police

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    This is one of the reasons why I love this blog. I don’t have to do the leg work in finding all these great apps including security apps.

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