Win a Biscotti TV Phone from AndroidGuys!

Win a Biscotti TV Phone from AndroidGuys!

Video chat on an Android phone is pretty cool, right?  On a tablet, it’s even better.  But what about Google Talk on a television?  Awesome!  The Biscotti TV Phone is exactly the type of gadget that allows for this service.

Hooked up to your TV via HDMI, the Wi-Fi Biscotti features a 5-megapixel camera and comes with a 6-button remote control.  The size of the device is nearly identical to the food that bears its name and sits on top of your TV set.

Able to work in a TV-TV capacity, Biscotti is also a great way to video chat with your fellow Android users. Perhaps the best feature in the Biscotti is that you can sit far enough away from the device as to not look silly to your caller.  What’s more, you don’t have to worry about that unflattering double-chin that accompanies video chat from your phone.  On second thought, maybe the feature we dig the most is that you don’t have to switch inputs to work – it pops up over top Law & Order!

Features of the  Biscotti TV Phone:

  • Real-Life Picture and Sound – High-definition camera and microphone captures the entire room, allowing large groups of family and friends to move about freely and naturally.
  • Easy to Use – Biscotti is a single device that sits nicely atop your TV and sets up in minutes. You can control it from the couch with a simple 6-button remote.
  • Free calls to Anyone, Anywhere – Visit family and friends in their living room, dorm room or anywhere in between, worldwide.
  • Ready When You Are – Like your home phone, Biscotti is always on. No more scheduling video calls or waiting for the computer to start. Just tap the remote.
  • You’re In Control – Receive calls while watching TV. You can even set Biscotti to turn on the TV and auto answer certain calls.
  • Everything is Included – No computer or phone line is required. If you have Wi-Fi and an HDTV, you’re ready to go!


Pretty nifty stuff, right?  So how would you like to win one?  We’ve got a brand new Biscotti that we’re itching to unload on one of you guys and here’s how you can win!

  • Leave a comment in the comments below, using a legitimate email address.  What kind of comment?  Whatever.
  • Contest is open to all residents of the United States and Canada.  We know we’ll upset a number of you but this one is out of our hands.
  • The winners will be chosen randomly and notified via email.  The winners must respond within two days (48 hours) of being contacted. Don’t reply to us?  We’ll move on to someone else.
  • This device is just a promotional giveaway from AndroidGuys; we’ll not be your tech support or customer service line.
  • Entries (comments) will be accepted through Friday, June 15 11:59PM

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  1. GGFB20
    June 12, 17:39 Reply

    Wow this is a great giveaway thanks android guys.

    This particular product would really make a huge difference in my life. 5 years ago I moved to Texas from New Jersey to serve the country. Having lived in Jersey my entire life just about every person I know lives up there as well. Now that I have a young family it’s become tougher to deal with the distance. Video chat is great on phones but at times a bit cumbersome. Perhaps this device could be an answer to my kids seeing their family more and actually get to know them. This could be a great start. Thanks again for introducing us to products like this and having great contests.

  2. Sua Thov
    June 12, 18:46 Reply

    Looks pretty cool. Might get one for my parents even if I don’t win.

  3. Gearoid Griffin
    June 12, 18:50 Reply

    This one is a long time coming and a great idea for friends and family who live far away from each other.

  4. mccolley
    June 12, 18:59 Reply

    We’ve been talking about video phones since the 50s. None have clicked yet. But using the TV and a simple remote that even Grandma can understand, brilliant. I think Biscotti could be winner we’ve been waiting for!

  5. chants92
    June 12, 19:13 Reply

    would love to chat with my friend in South Africa.

  6. CrankyBear
    June 12, 20:18 Reply

    I gots Freunden in Germany I need to sprech at!

  7. Benchmade7
    June 12, 21:04 Reply

    My Grand parents would be so happy if they weren’t dead

  8. Ryan Joseph
    June 12, 21:42 Reply

    Only 22 comments so far. I’m definitely liking my odds.

  9. Tom Gabrielli
    June 12, 23:15 Reply

    Love the name: Biscotti. And, love the product. I want one! PickMePickMePickMe!

  10. Whinnie Love
    June 13, 00:20 Reply

    awesome tv that i know i wont win because i never win these types of things. but i posted a comment anyways .
    isnt THAT what counts ?

  11. Todd Betzold
    June 13, 00:39 Reply

    Love it and love contests! I would love this!!! Thanks!

  12. JDM4Life
    June 13, 04:51 Reply

    Wow, this would be great. Since the one from Cisco is major bank! I wanna win one

  13. joseph weiss
    June 13, 08:00 Reply

    Biscotti is awesome. It will make my 55″ tv much more than a tv. I’d use this thing all the time. Nice product!

  14. Ronnie Boone
    June 13, 08:39 Reply

    This sounds like an amazing prize. Can’t wait for it to be in my house.

  15. Scott
    June 13, 09:31 Reply

    Two kids in different branches of military, perfect.

  16. Bendergamer91
    June 13, 09:45 Reply

    Look’s really cool I would love to use this on my tv to talk to friends:)

  17. Greg
    June 13, 10:08 Reply

    Sounds like an interesting idea.

  18. Drew33
    June 13, 11:32 Reply

    I’d love to win this. Thanks!

  19. Dom Doyle
    June 13, 12:32 Reply

    This looks pretty cool, would love to check it out!

  20. Attreau
    June 13, 15:56 Reply

    Hey, this sounds like a really cool setup…..I envision a spot on top of my Mitsubishi 52″!

  21. Manan Shah
    June 13, 16:22 Reply

    Sounds like a nifty little device! All I need now is a warm cuppa joe with this Biscotti and I’m all set to have a long living room chat !! :-)

    • scottwebster
      June 20, 12:39 Reply

      Congratulations, you’re our winner! We’ll be reaching out to get you the Biscotti TV!

      • Manan Shah
        June 20, 13:21 Reply

        This is great, thanks so much!!! I’m super excited and will probably buy another one to send to my family!!
        Please let me know what I need to do to claim my prize!

        Manan Shah

  22. The360King
    June 13, 18:02 Reply

    Hmmm…Maybe with this, my grandparents could actually video chat.

  23. Chris Maher
    June 13, 18:47 Reply

    I would love to give this to my grandmother so she could video chat with her great grandkids

  24. Linda Yaddow
    June 13, 19:52 Reply

    I would have so much fun with this talking with my grandkids

  25. Keith Johnson
    June 13, 20:15 Reply

    I talk to my kids using GTalk video features already. This would make my wife call me again! Seems really easy and intuitive to use. Hook me up Android Guys! 😉

  26. JGenge
    June 13, 20:46 Reply

    Sure I’ll leave a comment to win free stuff

  27. Lynn Rowe
    June 13, 21:15 Reply

    This is an amazing giveaway and would allow me to see my grandmother who lives so far away from me and I haven’t seen in like 3 years

  28. WWinVA
    June 13, 21:20 Reply

    Biscotti – my favorite food and now it could be a favorite electronic. Both are yummy! I’d love to give it a try.

  29. sharkzfan
    June 14, 00:15 Reply

    Would love to win one so I could have HD chats with my daughter and grandkids! They currently like to call us on the “PC phone”. If we win they could call us on the TV phone!

  30. txterrisweeps
    June 14, 13:00 Reply

    My parents & I love Biscotti Need one for the in-laws too so they can visit with their only grandchild. Thanks for the chance.

  31. Spartacus
    June 14, 14:51 Reply

    Would like to get one for the grandparents!

  32. Meredith
    June 14, 23:20 Reply

    OMG! i definetly would use it2 talk with my closest cuz whos going to college in West Virginia.. (im in cali).. My “quik” video chat for my evo isnt the greatest. :)
    wuera_mermaid22 at

  33. Deb K
    June 15, 01:03 Reply

    This would be so Awesome to win~Thanks for the chance!!


  34. Janettwokay
    June 15, 21:38 Reply

    What a fun giveaway! Good luck, everyone.
    janettwokay (at) yahoo (dot) com

  35. June Reich
    June 16, 04:53 Reply

    The greatest part of waking everyday is there is always a new gadget or some gadget you can afford to buy. But nothing is sweeter than winning one. I eagerly look forward to having this rare instrument of expression in my home. Perhaps today will be my lucky day. To whomever may win this, spread it around with your friends and spread the word about one of the newest technological instruments. Good luck everyone!

  36. Sean Ringrose
    June 16, 06:47 Reply

    Not a bad idea, and a good way to get newer features to those who haven’t jumped onto the Internet-TV bandwagon yet. Now, you do know, this technology will be popping up integrated into TVs, I just wonder how long before a company is smart enough to integrate the microphone into the remote control though.

  37. scottwebster
    June 20, 12:47 Reply

    Congratulations to Manan Shah for winning the Biscotti TV Phone!

    • Manan Shah
      June 20, 13:30 Reply

      This is great, thanks so much!!! I’m super excited and will probably buy another one to send to my family!!

      Please let me know what I need to do to claim my prize!

      Manan Shah

        • Manan Shah
          July 04, 15:24 Reply

          I wrote to Scott and haven’t heard so any another email today. Thanks android guys!

        • Manan Shah
          July 10, 16:01 Reply

          Hey Scott, haven’t heard anything yet from you yet, was getting a bit concerned. Please let me know if there is anything else I need to do. Thanks !

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