Apple’s request for early injunction against Samsung denied, Galaxy S III will launch on time

Score one for Samsung, folks. Apple’s attempt to hold back the Galaxy S III failed, as the request for an early injunction by Apple was denied by Lucy Koh, u.S. District Judge from San Jose. Basically, she was too busy to hear the case before June 21st, which is when the Galaxy S III will launch here in the states. This means that the Galaxy S III will remain untouched legally, at least until after the launch date. Keep in mind: this doesn’t mean that the trial won’t happen, it just won’t happen in time for Apple to manipulate utilize the court system quickly enough to keep the phone out of consumer hands.

This has the capacity to be a huge blow to Apple. According to Dan Levine, mobile Analyst:

“…delays in moving its cases through the courts is a blow to Apple’s efforts to get quick and favorable rulings that it hopes would give it an edge in the marketplace for mobile devices.”

Do you think the denial of an early injunction could harm Apple’s sales enough to make an impact? let us know in the comments.

via reuters | androidcentral

  • You’ve typed “SII” in the title again 🙂

    Some sort of weird reflex action?

  • Kross

    Major typo

  • Roman numberals #fail

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  • But they did it to HTC though?????????THE HATE!!!!……THE HATE!!!!!! I also think there should be a way to sue apple over this stupid shit.I still don’t have my Evo4GLTE……….(on>.

  • apple are control freaks

  • SamsaraGuru

    Hurt Apple – you bet! Puts you in mind of the WW I song re the boys who had gone to Europe:

    “Oh, how you gonna keep ’em down on the farm After they’ve seen Paree.”

    How you gonna keep em in lock step, goose stepping to the tune of the iPhone after they’ve experienced the sweet music of freedom to do what you want to do with your phone coming from Samsung?

    There will be no going back – which is exactly what Apple fears most and why they have been fighting tooth and nail to stop the Galaxy S III and Android any which way they can. In the end thought the truth will win out.

    After all, once people realize the inherent value of being able to be masters of their own destiny and opt for the Galaxy and Android the power of Apple to control the carriers; command the prices they impose will finally be broken irrevocably; the mystique of invincibility will evaporate into the ether to join the marketing ploys of legend once great but now powerless and past.

  • tampakid

    Just because Apple is getting it’s BUTT KICKED by the Samsung Galaxy line starting with the S2 they ought to be ashamed of themselves trying to use the court system to Manipulate the mobile phone/ smartphone market. What they need to do is take their losses and their butt kicking AND DEAL WITH IT. HANDLE IT. Steve Jobs REST IN PEACE MR JOBS is no longer in charge of Apple so I foresee the once dominant Apple will continue to get it’s BUTT KICKED by Samsung. Rip Steve Jobs.

  • baba

    good for them, fuckin’ idiots! now apple will have to stop restricting humanity & charge money money money for every stupid feature! all their produc r so damn restricted, it’s just sickening already! i’m soooooo glad Android is going to fuck them hard… Android! Google! whatever… just be careful, behave! if you won’t, one day someone else will…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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