January 31, 2015

Mod to Android OS helps protect your privacy by giving your apps false information


We’re always, as users, on the lookout for more mobile security. The Technology Review from MIT just did a piece on programs that are designed to keep your personal data away from mobile apps that want to access contacts. In that list comes a full rewrite of Android by developer Plamen Kosseff, where the rewritten OS gives fake data to any app that requests info from a mobile devices. Does an app want bookmarks? What the app will get is the default bookmarks that come standard in the browser. Wants access to you contacts? It’ll get a completely blank contact list.

While this is a little extreme, and has a definite possibility of hindering app functionality, it’s still a pretty cool concept. Let us know what you think in the comments.

via bgr | technologyreview



  1. capguy

    Cool! We all could use our privacy guarded now that there are so many intruders and ways to intrude. How does one get the app?