New Adobe Connect experience gives hosting, collaboration power to mobile

Adobe announced on Tuesday that they’ve released a new version of their web conference software service, Adobe Connect 9, which has very strong mobile implications.  Users with Android, iOS, and BlackBerry PlayBook will find that they can manage the entire webinar experience from their mobile device just as they would from a desktop.  Both Adobe Connect and its mobile counterpart, Adobe Connect Mobile 2.0, have been enhanced with a significant number of improvements and features.

  • Customizable Event Landing Pages and Catalogs – Templates enable quick creation of landing pages, speaker information, registration pages and login pages. Templates can be customized using rich components, including images, tables, charts and carousels.
  • Template-based Email Content and Triggers – Either standard or custom, email templates can be developed quickly and easily using new drag-and-drop capabilities. Email triggers can be created for specified registration groups at predefined times.
  • Engagement Dashboard – Monitor event engagement in real time. A color-coded meter helps event hosts track message effectiveness. Critical information can be tracked to improve future events.
  • Online Analytics – Event organizers can analyze participant engagement and identify the most effective meeting elements and topics. Dynamic analytics capabilities provide real-time insight into the performance of individual marketing promotions and programs as a whole.
  • Advanced Mobile Support for Meetings and Training – Meeting hosts enjoy greater flexibility presenting from mobile devices, leveraging whiteboard and annotation tools and the ability to share documents from tablets, as well as the cloud. Instructors can manage virtual classrooms from devices with the same presenter and sharing options, as well as breakout room controls.

I spent some time chatting up a few members of the Adobe team last week, getting a sneak preview of the new experience.  My takeaway was that Adobe was pretty far ahead of other webinar software companies, especially in the area of mobile.  Watching the demos, I saw plenty of use cases for Adobe Connect, including HR, pharmaceutical, retail management, and more.  It’s stuff like this that will have companies thinking twice about creating elaborate corporate meetings where they need to fly out hundreds (up to 1,500!) people to share the annual agenda.

It’s one thing to join a conference from a tablet – It’s entirely different when you can host and manage the full monty from your tablet or phone.  On top of the standard Adobe Connect experience, tablet whiteboard and annotations make a compelling argument for a 10-inch device.  And, since things work smoothly over 3G and 4G, there’s no need to find a hotspot or WiFi connection.  You can stay on the golf course, wooing potential clients.  I know that there are other players in the field and that each has their own benefits and feature set, however Adobe looks to be leading the charge.

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