T-Mobile HSPA+ 42 users consume average of 1.3GB per month


T-Mobile users with access to the HSPA+42 network consume data nearly twice as much as those who do not have such access. With an average consumption of 1.3GB per month, the typical T-Mobile 42Mbps customer gobbles up 146 times more data than just five years ago.  Moreover, T-Mobile’s network is 100 times faster than it was in pre-G1 and early Android days.  Looking at average smartphone users as a whole, T-Mobile sees consumers netting roughly 760MB per month.  T-Mobile CTO Neville Ray, speaking at a recent NGMN conference, disclosed that video is responsible for almost half of all HSPA network traffic.

How much data do you consume on a monthly basis?  Do you track it?  Do you care?



  1. I’ve used no less than 5 gb a month since having a 3gs when it came out and no less than 10 gb per month since my Nexus One 3 years ago. I now average around 12-18 gb per month.