High-End Samsung QWERTY slider pictured sporting a 720p display


All the Motorola Droids aside, there are really no high-end Qwerty Androids available… in this writer’s opinion. However, that fact might change very soon, according to Pocketnow. Well, alright – a 720p screen doesn’t necessarily mean a high-end processor, but it makes it a lot more likely. The display on this device looks fairly small so this could make for some real high pixel density. You folks on big-magenta may have something to look forward to with the device pictured above. We’re also being told that this phone will come with a 5mp rear camera, front-facing camera and LED notification light, and a Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU (S3 or S4? We’re not sure). While these are all rumors at this point, we would like to see some higher end specs on this device for the qwerty crowd.

Are you waiting for a high-specced qwerty slider or are qwerty-keyboards something from the past? Please let us know in the comments below.

via pocketnow | tmonews

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