Google Play unveils “Longest Day” deals, seemingly only available today

Google Play unveils “Longest Day” deals, seemingly only available today

Happy summer solstice, everyone! Today, June 20th, is the longest day of the year, and the first day of summer. To celebrate, Google wants to give you some great apps, music, books, and movies on the cheap. Apps like Grand Theft Auto III, Shazam Encore, and NBA Jam for 99 cents, which is a great deal.

Are you a fan of Tom Petty, Pink Floyd, U2, and David Bowie? Google wants to help you jam outside today, with albums from these artists for just $2.99.

And don’t forget books! Read out in the sun with books like The Stonecutter, Beach Season (how appropriate), A Scanner Darkly, and The Ghosts of Belfast… all for $1.99.

Movies are getting the price slash as well, with Immortals, Melancholia, Rampart, Shark Night, and Blitz for $0.99 each.

If you want to check the deal out for yourself, hit up the links below, and keep your stomach full of BBQ and you wallet full of dough while keeping yourself entertained today, and happy summer!

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