Jelly Bean Sneak Peek in I/O 2012 App?

Last night, Google released its companion app for its yearly developer conference, ‘Google I/O’. While the conference is mainly for developers, Android fans all over the world get excited for the event, due to the Keynote – which showcases what’s next for Android. Many people are expecting to see something related to the next version of the OS  – code named ‘Jelly Bean’ – with a tentative version number of 4.1.

We may have just had our first peek at Jelly Bean in the form of screenshots for the I/O app; as you can see, the only change we notice is to the search bar, suggesting a small move away from the Holo theme – currently found in ICS – towards a more flat, minimalist  design. The sneak peek also seems to be intentional, as you can see the clock is displaying an invalid time, which could possibly be a date. The 25th of October would also roughly line up with Google’s release cycle of major OS updates and a new Nexus phone.

What do you guys think? If the rest of the OS were to mimic this subtle change, would you be happy? Or would you prefer to stick with the Holo theme?

Source: Phandroid