Win one of two Motorola Roadster 2 Bluetooth In-Car Speakerphones [GIVEAWAY]


How would you like the chance to win one of two Motorola Roadster 2 Bluetooth In-Car Speakerphone kits?  We recently reviewed one of these and absolutely love it, especially the FM tuner feature which lets us pipe podcasts throughout our car. Given that it’s Responsible Driving month and we really want to do our part to keep the roads safer, we’re giving away a pair of these Bluetooth babies.  How do you enter to win?  Read on.

Win One Here

One of these will be offered to a randomly selected reader who leaves a comment on this post.  All you have to do is chime in below with a valid way for us to contact you.  We’ll pick the winner come Sunday night (June 24, 9PM EST) and reach out immediately.  Make sure your email address is correct so you know if you’ve won!

Double Your Odds

Follow us on Twitter?  Of course you do!  Double your chances of winning by joining the Twitter giveaway and using the following details:

  • You must tweet with @androidguys @motorola #AGRoadster in the body

Your tweet can be anything you want but we’d certainly appreciate a nice message or two.  You can tweet as often as you’d like however we can sniff out spammers and twitterbot stuff.  The twitter contest runs through Sunday night (June 24, 9PM EST)  and we’ll notify the winner as soon as it’s over.

Thanks for being part of the AndroidGuys community and have fun!

WINNERS: Congrats to d3m0n for winning in the comments below and [email protected] for winning on Twitter!


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  2. I LOVE my Motorola DROID RAZR and this would go PERFECT with it. 🙂

    AndroidGuys is also the place where me and all my non-iSheep friends flock for the latest and greatest Android info.

  3. Just went to a phone class where they were using it with the phone showing us about it and all the different things it will do! This is an awesome tool, we need one of these. Here in Tucson people drive crazy because of talking on the phone while holding it, I would like to NOT be one of them and drive correctly because of my hands-free device! Thank you,

  4. My wife would love this kind of thing. I can’t get her to use the bluetooth earpiece, so this might help with her driving.

  5. i really could use this for my commute to talk with my daughter on a daily basis in the hospital, keep update on what status is of her on going liver problem, this would be a godsend. Contact me at

  6. I love how there are lots of comments on posts like this, and none on informative ones! People come out of the woodwork for free stuff.

  7. I have one of those little FM broadcasters. I doesn’t work too well. If this works better and I win, I’d be delighted.

  8. I like the looks of the Motorola Roadster. It appears very sleek yet large enough to fill the car with sound! Great work!

  9. This sounds like something I could use. So here I go again trying to win somthing. Somebody’s got to win

  10. I love my original roadster! I’m sure this one is awesome to.. Great giveaway! I would love to give it a bashing!

  11. Nice post ! I’m upgrading my bluetooth headset sine I just bought the new Galaxy Nexus phone. Ice Cream Sandwich is significantly better and the device is ‘wicked fast’ too !! reach me @stevegrim on

  12. I just read your Galaxy SIII review, you seem to be even more impressed than European commentators! 😉 This seems like the perfect addition to go with it as soon as my current contract with my GI runs out in December!

  13. My new car has great bluetooth, but my hubby’s has none and he has no headset. I would love to win one for him.

  14. Winning this contest would totally get my mom off my back about getting a bluetooth! Thanks for the chance to win!

  15. Thanks a lot, guys! I just received my Roadster 2 today! I tried it out and my girlfriend said it sounded nice and clear; she couldn’t tell I was on a speakerphone, even in my little Saturn coupe with all the windows open.