Five for Friday: Expense apps for Android

Five for Friday: Expense apps for Android

Whether you are a fifteen year old trying to earn your first few bucks or a Fortune 500 company on the verge of financial collapse, you need to keep an eye on your budget.  And, because it’s far too easy to forget that $2.49 energy drink you bought with your debit card, we all need a bit of help. Thankfully, there are a number of solid financial apps in the Google Play Store that can help you monitor where your nickels and dimes go.

Below you will find five apps for tracking expenses and managing your finances from an Android device.  Keep in mind that, even with free apps, there may be a fee or two involved with premium services.  While we recognize that there are more available, we happen to like these particular titles well enough to share them with you, dear reader. We can appreciate that you’ve got your own ways of keeping track of money that doesn’t involve carrying around receipts and copies of checks.  To that end we ask that you share with us in the comments!

This week’s topic: Expense apps for Android



Ever gone shopping and have the clerk ask you for an email address for receipts?  Give them your personal address and keep this stuff where it belongs, away from your normal emails.  As one of the more robust ways to manage your receipts and expenses, Lemon provides users with features such as summary reports, categories and tags, and the ability to export at any time.  Just bought a hot dog on the corner but can’t be bothered with lugging that hefty receipt?  Scan it to Lemon and put that thing in the cloud.


Tied to an extremely handy website, Expensify lets users sync credit cards and bank accounts in real time.  In instances where you would have a bunch of silly receipts for Starbucks, candy bars, and fast food, Expensify allows for digital copies (eReceipts) of paper receipts.  Scan a picture of your receipt and watch how the app pulls out the merchant, date and amount of the transaction.  From there, it will go to a new cash expense or corresponding credit card. Need to share your expenses with the boss?  Have Expensify send a PDF of your report to anyone with an email address.



Shoeboxed Receipt Tracker

Snap pictures of your receipts and Shoeboxed will automatically figure out the date, total, payment type, store and category for your digital records.  Create and send expense reports from your phone or tablet, or export them to popular tools such as QuickBooks, Wave Accounting, Excel, and Xero.  Should you need a little help, Shoeboxed offers both email and phone support.


Smart Receipts

Of the five apps highlighted here, this is the “little guy” version of the other players.  Created as an open source app, Smart Receipts lets you take pictures of your receipts and create digital copies, put together expense reports, and more.  Export your data as PDF or CSV and shoot an email off to the proper department or person.  Additional details include multiple currency support, and smart categorization based on time of day.  Spring for the paid $1.99 version (no advertising) and make it your first expense.

Expense Manager

Stay a step ahead of your expenses and deductions with Expense Manager’s reminders and alerts.  Have a recurring bill each month?  Why not schedule it into the budget and keep a closer eye on things.  Like the others listed above, you can also snap photos of receipts, import and export, and track things across multiple categories (payer, method, etc).  Bonus points for charts and widgets!  Paid version is $4.99 and is essentially the same app, sans advertisement.

Your Turn

What apps are you using to manage your finances?  Is it one of the above or something we overlooked?  Leave a comment below with your picks!

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  1. ScottyGambino
    June 23, 04:45 Reply

    Do any of these export to .cvs correctly? As in, you could easily use the data to create graphs. I believed expense manager failed there , and that s why I use balance and budget

  2. Colin Stewart
    June 24, 05:17 Reply

    I use ExpenseClam, because I developed it! As a note to ScottyGambino: ExpenseClam does export to CSV correctly. It’ll also bundle the CSV and JPGs of your receipts into a zip file when you export your expenses.

  3. Kui Jie
    June 25, 01:16 Reply

    A very great app to keep track of expenses is Financisto, unfortunately not many people seem to be aware of it.

  4. Bruce R.
    June 25, 10:31 Reply

    Here are a few Android apps that always help me with my travel expenses:,com/details?id=com.webs.samirApplications.tip_calculator,com/details?id=com.variousApps.CheckSplitter,om/details?id=com.handyApps.tipnsplit10

  5. Colin Stewart
    January 13, 08:21 Reply

    Try my app, ExpenseClam. It is optimised for both phones and tablets.

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